so annoying

  1. i got my speedy monogram as a grad gift long before most of my friends new what louis is. well everyone i know has a fake one and they assume mine is fake too!
  2. There is really nothing you can do, as long as you know that yours is real nothing should really matter. But if you need to why don't you "educate" them on the difference between a real and a fake??
  3. I personally like knowing mine is the real deal and could care less what others think. Just take pride in your bag being authentic and don't worry about the fakes being carried around you.:yes:
  4. Exactly what I was going to say! Besides, when theirs falls apart yours will still be looking beautiful!!
  5. JEALOUS ! why do you care? If you know your bag is real enjoy it and shrug off comments, they're comments of jealousy. Enjoy your bag and move on.
  6. Those who know LV will recognize yours as being real. There really is a difference between fake and real lv. Be proud yours is real and shrug off any comments you hear. Enjoy your authentic bag!
  7. I actually had a gal at the grocery store yesterday ask me if my mc speedy was real (I've had co-workers ask me, too)! I said YES, and she smirked as though I was lying. I thought to myself, "What the hell do I care if she doesn't belive me? I know it is real!" Just don't worry about it - like I said, you know the truth and yours will still look amazing 10 years from now.
  8. I wouldn't give a @#$% what others think. As long as you know it is the real thing.
  9. My thoughts exactly. If you like the bag just enjoy it. You know it's real and thats what matters.
  10. At least you know yours is the real deal. Congrats on your authentic speedy.
  11. Ditto :yes:
  12. Enjoy your real bag and ignore those naysayers! ;)
  13. you know that your's is authentic, and thats really all that matters. i wouldn't piont out differences between your bags, but if they notice them you could educate them on authenticity.
  14. ^^^ Ita.
  15. Some people I know assume my bags are fake too. I don't let it bother long as I know they're real!