So annoyed!!!

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  1. I just bought this dress from Anthropologie:;jsessionid=2C16EA9EEC9B04B949F68AEF05EE5F30.app23-node2?_dyncharset=ISO-8859-1&id=73111&parentid=APP_SALE_DRESSES&pushId=APP_SALE_DRESSES&popId=APP_SALE&sortProperties=&navCount=3&navAction=poppushpush&color=whe

    And then I was browsing Forever 21's site and came across THIS:

    Now I'm so annoyed!! Does anyone else feel like this when they pay for the original and then just see a knock-off the next day?!?!
  2. I think Forever 21 has gotten sued in the past for copying other designers clothing - I think Diana Van Fustenberg sued them for a dress they copied
  3. Well...if I were you, yes, I would feel annoyed that they copied the dress...but Anthropologie is SOOOO much better (quality wise, imo) than Forever 21, I wouldn't mind spending the extra money.

    Sigh, I hate copy cats.
  4. I'd be sooo mad......It seems that Forever 21 is selling a lot of knock-offs. Gwen Stefani is suing Forever 21 for copying her line, Harajuku Lovers
  5. The SAME exact thing happened to me with Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters. I bought a dress at Forever 21 and later that week I saw an identical one on UO's website. Anthropologie and UO are owned by the same company so I wonder if Forever 21 has a spy in there who copies all their designs. It's so unoriginal!
  6. I'd be really annoyed too... I've bought a couple of things at forever 21 (I don't keep up with designers very much) and after this I'm afraid to... I don't want people thinking I bought a knockoff because I couldn't afford the real one when I really just had no idea it WAS a knockoff!
  7. So annoying...I bet these lawsuits don't even phase them, they just keep on selling their replicas.
  8. Yes, that is very annoying and fustrating, but if got that dress for the sale price in Anthropologie I'd say you got a much better deal in terms of quality and details.
  9. That is really annoying!! The dress that you purchased looks a lot better, quality-wise.
  10. There really isn't a comparison in quality.

    But the whole "knockoff" industry annoys the HECK out of me. Particularly shoes! GRRRRRR! Steve Madden and Nine West drive me insane with their copies of Louboutin.
  11. That's terrible. The anthropologie dress will probably last longer, though. I hate Forever 21.
  12. AAHH!! I totally agreee!!! I remember when Steve Madden FIRST came out with their copy of Louboutin and EVERYONE had bugged the crap out of me.
  13. I have to say that I think the Anthropologie dress looks much better made and you got it for just $10 more?

    Brilliant! :yes:
  14. ^I agree. The extra $10 is worth it!
  15. The anthropologie one looks much better imo. I would be mad too, but atleast you know u are wearing the the original rather than the copied.