SO annoyed

  1. i've been home for 20 minutes after being gone all day and what is my husband doing? yammering on the phone about stupid fire department stuff when he's going to spend all night with these people tonight. grrrr. he just came over and kissed me on the head like that's supposed to make it ok. i know i'm totally overreacting, but he's on the phone so i can't vent at him. :mad: :mad: :mad:
  2. I'm sorry. I know what you mean. I hate shop talk!

    My husband is in Iraq more than half of the year and that's all they talk about when they get home!!

    Just grab some ice cream and go shopping on the net.

    Then thank him for buying you what you wanted! :smile:
  3. Mama needs a cocktail!:nuts:
  4. Sorry to hear that. I like the idea of grapping some ice-cream and shop online.
  5. >>>>>Just grab some ice cream and go shopping on the net.

    Then thank him for buying you what you wanted! :smile:<<<<<<

    What a great suggestion, think I will try that one:lol:
  6. ugh, I know how you feel! How about over Winter Break after my BF and me hadn't seen each other for three months, the first day we spend together, I went to work with him. He couldnt really talk to me and I understood that because he was working. So I waited patiently for 8 hours. Then as soon as he gets off, guess what he did? He calls his buddies who he sees every day and asks if he can come over and help them work on another buddy's car. I waited an extra TWO HOURS while they're fiddling with cars and I'm over here absolutely steaming, but I cant say anything because I dont want to seem like a jerk in front of his friends X_x

    He should buy you a new bag after this one ;]
  7. You know that fire dept. is like a big fraternity...they never grow up. Trust me I know. Then they get old and somehow they still fit in, but in an old age way
  8. ***hugs**** we're here for you!!!
  9. thanks ladies! shopping would have been fab, but i just spend the afternoon at the salon and i'm going shopping tomorrow, so that's out. :smile: he took me out to lunch afterwards though so i am much calmer now. heheh.

    kellybag - it's so true!! his dad and his brothers are both on the same department...every family function turns into a fire function. i don't even gab that much with my *actual* sorority sisters. *sigh* oh well. it makes him happy and usually he's not this clueless about it. :smile: that, and i'm very attention demanding, which really isn't fair either. :smile:
  10. Aww, sorry to hear that. I would be annoyed, too. It's like it's your time now. Hopefully, he makes it up to ya.
  11. So which new bag are you going to buy?:nuts:
  12. ^^^heheh. actually i AM going to buy a coach soho hobo if i can find it at the outlet tomorrow. this after i promised NO more after the LV. bad me. bad.