So annoyed with Chanel.

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  1. I love Chanel purses, in fact, most of my collection is Chanel.

    I have a quilted caviar tote-bag that I use more often than any other bag. I've had it for less than two years.

    Two of the screws on two rings fell out, so I've actually just scotch-taped ring closed because even eye-glass screws don't fit in the holes. The gold plating (someone told me it's 24K but I'm not sure what karat it is) has completely worn down on some parts of the chain and on the magnetic closure. I guess I expected better for having paid over $1,000 for it! :worried:

    At least I haven't had any problems with the other bags.
  2. :sad2:

    thats awful! are you able to go back to chanel to ask if the can fix it up for you???
  3. take it to the store
    maybe they could send it in for repair?

    you were right to expect better! and it's only been 2 years!
  4. That sucks, take it back to Chanel and see what it'll cost to repair if anything. I think places usually do free repairs for 6 months to one year, but after that there will probably be a slight charge. If you're a VIP there they might throw you a freebie :biggrin:
  5. I took it to the Chanel boutique in Neiman Marcus, which is closest to me.

    The lady told me that they would have to charge me $265!! For a couple screws and to put new gold plate on the bag. Ridiculous! I've had Gucci refurbish friends' bags for free!
  6. boo! the zipper on my mother's Marc Jacobs snapped off sometime after Thanksgiving (after she got it in the summer as a birthday present) and she has been waiting for Saks to get back to her for months! we deserve better!
  7. Write a polite but firm letter to Chanel's US corporate office, and be sure to mention your loyalty as a customer and disappointment that this would need repairing in the first place.
  8. Good idea, Jane! Don't know why I didn't think of that. I wonder if they'll even care.

    I'm not exactly a "VIP Customer" (though I plan to be someday, but I'm only 21!)... but I have been pretty loyal to them. We'll see!

    Thanks again for the suggestion. :idea:
  9. Let us know what's always interesting to see how companies treat customers, regardless of whether they are VIPs or not.
  10. hmmm~~I was thinking giving a quilted caviar/red tote-bag to my best friend as a present before she leaves this country...That bag is so classic. The fact that the problems you have with it is unimaginable~and I hate to call/write to the company back and forth. We paid a lot $$$ on their products, we surely deserve better service no matter whether we are VIP or not. I hate to say it but it's true that some people working for those companies are arrogant:evil: