So Annoyed with Billion Dollar Babes


Jan 2, 2009
So on Feb 18th I ordered two Swiss Legend watches. The ship date they gave me was Mar 5th with an estimated delivery date on Mar 11th. After the 5th I kept checking back on my order page to see if the tracking information had been posted. Finally on the 9th I emailed to ask when my items would be shipped and I received a response stating that they had been especially busy with this sale and that I would receive my items in 5-7 business days. Two days later my item still hasn't shipped and I receive an email stating that one of the items I ordered is out of stock. Okay I'm a little annoyed that they took forever to finally notify me that one of the items was out of stock and that it is taking so long to ship but no biggie things happen.

However my online order information showed the items finally shipped out on Mar 15th and the order page still showed that two items had shipped out. I finally received my item and the packing slip shows two items in the order and I was charged for both items. This is the part that is really irking me. I was charged at the time of shipment for both items. Since they charged me after they knew that there was only one item available and after they shipped out that one item, why in the world would they charge for both? and why didn't their packing slip/invoice reflect what was actually in the box?

I guess I'm just venting and I'll give CS a call tomorrow. Has anyone had experience with BDB's CS? I'm hoping the refund will get processed quickly. The watch was a couple hundred bucks and I would really like to have access to that money.


Feb 1, 2007
They sent me stretched out - like for a HUGE head -- Kisselstein-Cord glasses (not cheap,even on sale at $120) and then said they would not exchange or return because it was a final sale. NEVER AGAIN. IT was certainly not my fault they sent me defective merchandise! I am stuck with these glasses until I can get somewhere to see if they can be fixed.
Oh and it took them SIX WEEKS to send these. I had to email twice before even getting them to answer me. Grrr, very poor customer relations as well as super slow shipping time.
May 31, 2008
New York
I should have read this first before I ordered from them I had a very bad experience with them and still experiencing right my order is still active I ordered them last June 19 and up to now no news or update ! I didnt order that much because just want to give it a try , looks like this will be the first and last and their sale was very tempting because they do sell chanel vintage accessories , balenciaga never again and Im writing this to warn you careful dont order from them !


mom2 12paws
Oct 6, 2007
So. Florida
I have ordered from them, I believe only baby clothes for my niece, they came and were perfect. But then again, it was baby clothes and the shipping was okay, not the fastest, however in time for the baby shower.
May 31, 2008
New York
Im still waiting for their reply still have not receive updates regarding my order ....very bad !Its been 3 months now..I emailed them still no reply since last week..


Loyal Browncoat
Jan 28, 2007
I ordered a pair of shoes from them a few weeks ago and they said my order went through just fine, then a couple weeks later I got an email from them telling me they'd switched warehouses and my shoes got lost in the shuffle (essentially, that's not the way they said it, but that's what it meant) so they were sorry and would email me again when they knew more. A week or so after that they emailed me again, telling me they couldn't fill my order.

I don't remember if I've ever ordered anything from them before this but I doubt I'll be ordering again. On the other hand, I've ordered from Gilt a few times now and everything's gone very well, even if slow in shipping.