So annoyed! Ordered my bikinis on 2/7 and still nothing... RANT

  1. And still nothing!

    On 2/7 I ordered two bikinis from and still have not received any word on when they are going to ship, and the customer service has not returned any of my calls to try and find out what the heck is going on with my order!

    Has anyone had any experience with this company? I honestly am really floored that they have not returned a simple phone call or email to inquire as to my order!!!!!!!!! And I leave this Friday! What am i gonna do:crybaby:
  2. One more question: Here are the suits I want. Tell me if you think they are worth paying $40 for overnight shipping to order them direct from the designer. SO PISSED RIGHT NOW!



    I also ordered a couple from Victoria Secret, nothing too fancy, one in chocolate and one in navy/raspberry. What do you think???? HELP!

    This one

    and this one

  3. I love everything you chose. Very classic looks. I hope the first 2 arrive on time. I have not ordered from the first company. I hope someone can chime in! (also, so glad you got the same cuts....balanced tan lines!!!)
  4. LOL! I hear ya girl! Thank you!!! I am just so concerned because they have not even returned my calls! I am so disappointed you know! I love these bikinis!
  5. Update. I called Island Company and spoke with the nicest person. He is looking into everything for me and will be shipping them to me if the order was not processed by

    To be honest, I don't understand what could have happened, but I just want my bikinis! Is that so much to ask for:p (although I am doubtful I will order from bestswimwear again after this if I don't get them in time!)
  6. Guess I'm not the only one :sad: I ordered a bikini on 2/5 and I received the e-mail that they will let me know when it will be shipped. STILL NOTHING! I e-mailed them yesterday and I haven't received a response yet. So this propably will be the first and last time I will order with them!

    Sorry can't help you but just wanted to let you know you're not alone :heart:
  7. what method did you pick for shipping orginally? because after reading the website the slowest method is at least 2 weeks to start off with: 3-5 days to process and then 10 to ship. i am floored at that company. they charge an arm and a leg and if things shipped usps you could have it in 2 days. that's ridiculous.
  8. i would also email them, fax, whatever it takes. on top of everything else it takes 2 months to get a credit back. ugh this company. i cannot believe it.

  9. Oh no!!! I am so sorry!!! well, at least we know there is something wrong with that website now. Funny thing is, I ordered from once before in 2004 and had no problems. Now, I can't get a return email or call. Terrible customer service!~:tdown:
  10. I did the free shipping with a note that they can upgrade my shipping so that I received the item by 2/19. They have a place when you check out asking when you need it by, and then you can elect to expedite shipping. I did that.

    when I called island company, they said that they received the order from best, but need to find out status. there really is no excuse for it to take this long, especially because Island Company is based in MIAMI!:cursing:
  11. I love the second and third ones the most!

    They are both HOT!!!! Hubby better not leave you alone for one minute girl!!!

    (I hope they get you those suits)
  12. Thanks KB and Hlfinn!!!! I just left another message this one not so nice because I am so so frustrated. But hopefully, I will get my bikinis afterall, but from the vendor directly. The whole thing just sucks.
  13. Update!

    Island Company has to be the nicest company out there. While I only got an email that was totally late from bestswimwear (and still NO return call), the reps at Island Company investigated the issue and found that there was a communication problem between reps from their company and bestswimwear. So, they are shipping the suits to me overnight at no cost to me. How nice is that! I love them!

    And I got to cancel my order from and to be honest, not sure I will order from there ever again. i still cannot believe that after all my attempts to call, and speak with someone, and despite a few messages, not one customer service agent EVER called back. Overall- terrible customer service!
  14. Congrats on getting the bikinis jag!!!! :smile:

    I received an answer from bestswimwear too today: "Hello, We are still waiting for the merchandise from the manufacturer,. You will receive a tracking # once it ships. Thank you"
    I'm pretty pissed off but I guess I will keep waiting :cursing:
  15. Ugh! Keep us posted Sadie! That just sucks!