So annoyed at myself right now :(

  1. I just placed an order for perfume from Victorias Secret. I've been eyeing it for awhile, waiting for a good enough code and I finally decided to buy it when I saw the code for 14 beauty samples when you spend $50...

    So I add the perfume to the cart and its $48, not enough to apply the code. I end up adding an Anna Sui blush for $9 so I can get the free gift (something I normally don't do, but I really want the perfume and the samples)...

    Then I see that there's $5 tax added on and $10 for shipping. Yet, because they're moving to a new facility, shipping will take at least 2 weeks. (Does anyone else think it's total BS that I have to pay $10 to have the world's lightest box shipped across 2 states 2 weeks from now?!?! I think all their US shipping should be free right now, but whatever). I just hate paying shipping for anything, so I'm already considering cancelling the order at this point. But, no... I really want those samples.

    So I enter my info, decide to plunk down the $75 or whatever it was and I realize once it's all over that I FORGOT THE CODE!!!! I forgot to enter it and it expires today.

    Sorry, there's no point to this. I am just SO mad/irritated/annoyed with myself right now :push::crybaby:
  2. Ugh! I hate when that happens! Can't you e-mail them and ask them to please apply the code to your order? They should be able to do it...
  3. Can you cancel this order, and then reorder everything and this time enter the code? Or perhaps call them up with the order number and let them know what happened?

    Also I'm really confused about this moving to a new facility thing. I placed an order during the first week of August and it took THREE AND A HALF WEEKS to get to me, so I assumed that was when they moved. How long does it take them to change facilities?!

    Anyway, sorry about what happened. Don't feel bad about venting!
  4. I agree, call and ask them to apply the code or cancel the order :smile:
  5. Me too. I agree with them. Can you cancel it?
  6. ^^ absolutely! I betcha they will do it.
  7. I usually screw up discounts when spending $x.xx also. I now get to the counter at B & B Works and tell them my goal, give me a 2.99 chap stick if necessary. I know how you feel.
  8. Thanks for the sympathy ladies!:heart:

    I emailed them, but I'm not expecting a response anytime soon. I can't figure out a way to cancel the order online. I should probably just call them, but I hate 800 numbers. I'd rather just skip the free gift, than call a CS hotline. I still can't believe I forgot the stupid code. :rolleyes:
  9. i ordered some pants on Aug 31... on SEPT 20TH i got an email from them saying they were crediting me back the shipping which was only about $7 because something with wrong with my order while they switched buildings and that if i don't recieve it 7 days after they said it would come (which i don't remember when that was...) that i should contact them.. so i emailed them today.... good thing i'm a patient person but i really think i should get these freaking pants like 50% off since i've been waiting for almost a month...

    oh and their shipping prices are based on how much you spend.