So annoyed at my sister

  1. Last week, it was my sister's 22nd birthday. I didn't get her a gift then because I was waiting until I got, when I got paid yesterday I bought her a digital camera. I was all excited to give it to her because her camera broke a while back and she was thinking of getting one. Well, today she was going to my parents' house, so I told her to come by on her way so that she could pick up her gift.

    Anyway, tonight my co-workers were throwing my other co-worker a bridal shower tonight at work. I was supposed to be working tonight but I switched with someone, and I wanted to come anyway to bring cake. I ended up leaving around 10pm, and I told my sister that if she got to my place before me, to just wait until I got back so I could give her the gift. She got there around 10:30, and then asked me to buy her a sandwich at the grease trucks near the hospital...then my bf wanted to buy some bubble tea, so we got one for him and one for her. I ended up getting home around 12am, and when I got home she was fighting with someone on the phone. Turns out my dad was yelling at her for going home so late. So she was pissed that she got yelled at, and then yelled at me too. The first thing she said to me was "I thought you said you'd be home in 15 minutes!" and then "I'm just gonna go now". I gave her the gift and she wasn't even going to open it...but I told her to see what it was. When she saw the box, she was like "what's this? oh..." and didn't even say thank you or anything. she was like "ok, i'll see you later" with an attitude. when she left I said "You're welcome" and slammed the door shut on her. She has some nerve yelling at me in MY HOUSE when I BROUGHT HER FOOD because she was hungry. WTF?! No thank you or anything, for the food or for the gift. Ah, I'm so upset. And I was so excited earlier to see her face when she saw that I got her a camera. She called me a few minutes later on and said sorry, but I'm still upset. That ruined my night...she's so ungreatful.
  2. ahh honey, it just sounds like it was all abit badly planned, and maybe a little bit late to arrange going around :sad:

    I bet you speak to her today and everything will be fine. She was probably nervous about being told off for being late home, and didnt fully appreciate what you had done for her. The good thing about being sisters is that it will all blow over and you can maybe have your evening again.
  3. that sucks that you didn't get to savor in the gift with her

    I'm sure it will all blow over in the am
  4. Thats awful - don't worry when she has chilled out she will thank you for your fabulous gift!!:yes:
  5. Hopefully by now things have cooled down and you two have made amends and she is now sorry for her reaction to your gift and grateful for what you got for her birthday and everything is well. Hope all is OK now for you two.
  6. That's terrible-I wish I had a sister-and, if I did-wish she were nice enough to buy me a digital camera for my birthday. Sorry she was so pissy with you-I am sure she feels bad about it and will apologize tomorrow
  7. well people do have tempers ... just because you are giving her something doesnt mean she has to wait hours and hours for it and bow down to you... you should have called her and tell her you will be Laaaaaaaaate
  8. that's awful.. but maybe she had a bad fight with your dad, i'm sure she'll be fine tomorrow honey :smile:
    u're such a great sister, she must realized that :P
  9. i didn't expect her to wait hours and hours for it and bow down to me. it was actually her fault for going to my place so late...she went out the night before with her friends, didn't get any sleep, and had work at 7am. by the time she woke up after work, it was almost 9pm. she was supposed to leave for my parents' house around 7. so actually, it was me waiting for her, because I wanted to be there to give her the gift, and she showed up past 10:00. i had already made those plans to go to my co-worker's shower previously, and i ended up being late for that because i couldn't wait for her anymore. and i did call her (several times) to tell her i was coming late. but whatever. i'm not one to hold a grudge, i was just upset that night. things are fine now.