So Annoyed At Crappy Ebay Buyers

  1. Well someone just purchased 3 items from me. And they paid for them right away. Only they also gave themselves a discount. WTF! I already have my listings set up to calculate combined shipping. I EVEN responded to one of their emails stating what S&H would be. How do these people have the audacity to give themselves a discount. I emailed them 10 times already asking them why they haven't paid their full balance with NO REPLY. What pisses me off even more is that under Ebays new FB policy. I can't leave a neg for this jerk.
  2. Maybe they were just confused by the combined shipping. Honestly though, if you sent me 10 emails, I'd probably fail to respond too. Not trying to sound rude, but maybe give them a little time. The new feedback policy isn't in effect yet either, as far as I know. Though I think a neg would be quite harsh, IMHO.
  3. Refund her funds and send her a paypal invoice with the correct shipping costs. Let her know in the message section of the paypal invoice why u refuned the original payment etc..

  4. good suggestion!
  5. At this point the buyer is completely irrational. She is refusing to pay the full amount and has told eBay that she does not want to cancel the order so that I won't be able to recoup my seller fees. I looked at her FB, and she seems like a complete liar. In all her transactions where she has gotten negs, she has displaced the blame. And she also is leaving neg FB to others in instances where she is the seller complaining about the exact things she is doing. (not paying, not responding to emails, etc). I emailed eBay asking what to do when a buyer claims they have paid but have not paid the full amount. And the sad thing is is that she probably won't get this item when she needs it due to these stupid little games she is playing.
  6. Another thing... this ebayer has a long history of being a buyer and a seller, so for her to pretend that she doesn't know how eBay works is ridiculous.
  7. Don't refund, wait the seven days and then file NPB. Even if she made a payment she still hasn't paid the amount on the auction or the invoice. Keep copies of all e-mails to show eBay you have repeatedly asked for full payment. Only refund if she demands the refund and even then I would wait the seven days and file NPB.