so ANGRY!!

  1. sigh.. i really hate the LV at yorkdale !!!
    the SAs make me so angryy!!
    so today.. i went to LV with my boyfriend and we walked in and were trying to look at some stuff but NO ONE even bothered to help us, and the whole store was EMPTY!
    this isnt the first time it has happened to me
    it almost feels like im being judged by my age
    just because im young and dont dress up to go shopping doesnt mean i cant afford it !!
    and that wasn't the only thing that made me mad
    a little later, ALOT of people showed up and some of the SAs were busy by 1-2 of them were just standing around, a woman who was NOT being served walked behind a counter and took a bag
    and an SA came to YELL AT HER!

    sigh.. this isnt the only time i've felt mistreated at this LV
    i've never had this kind of experience on Bloor

    Is anyone having this kind of problem or is it just me?
  2. yup, experienced that when I went to purchase my first LV last year. Now there is only one SA I deal with. don't be upset... u will find someone nice and willing to help :yes:
  3. i'm so sorry.

    i've never seen anyone reach behind a counter before, but the SA should not have yelled at that woman. how embarrassing that must have been for her - to be ignored by employees and then yelled at.

    that's not how you treat people!
  4. I am so sorry! I personally would have done and have done what that woman has done. I'd help myself. No one yelled at me though, but they did help me after. Fortunately, the SAs at Ala Moana Center are super nice! When I went there last Saturday, they had only 4 SAs and tons of tourists in the store. I was waiting in line at a register for the help of an SA, but the manager saw I was waiting for a while and he came over and helped me. It was pretty cool, because other SAs had to wait for him to approve the cash payments, etc. while he was finishing helping me. :yahoo: But don't give up! If you approached an SA, would they be rude to you? I hope you will have a better experience next time! :smile:
  5. If you do a search here, you will find many threads on unhappy experiences with LV Yorkdale. It seems the company is happy to allow this to continue as they just don't seem to be interested in fixing the problem. Unfortunately.
  6. I was at la Prairie counter last week and the 1 of the 2 salesladies were free too.
    She saw me and I saw her.
    She didn't budge.
    I stand there, behind the previous customer who's being served by the other lady, and I smile gently.
    Keep smiling and making EYE CONTACT.
    I got wonderful service and had a great experience in the end as always.

    THis is what I do all the time. No need to get irritated and spoil my time shopping.
  7. I think it's a catch 22 with L.V. sales people. They don't work for commission! This means they don't rush, and pressure you with their help. They are much more laid back! I had a woman at a Marc Jacobs botique, literally grab me, and pull me into the store from the isle, when I paused momentarily to look at a bag. She led my D.H. to a seat and really really pressured me for a sale. It was Horrible!! I think I would prefer not to be pounced on any day!!.

  8. If you dont mind me asking, how old are you?
  9. it happens to me all the time..i am young and they think I am there to just then I give them an attitude..
  10. I double dare someone to go in, look an SA straight in the eye and do the "finger snap hither here" motion.. lol :yes:
  11. so sorry abt yr bad experience...i seldom go to LV boutique and only go there with intent to far its been good service..:tup:
  12. I've never been to Yorkdale, and I don't think I will! I've had nothing but wonderful service at the Boutique and the Bloor Holt's.
  13. LOL I just imagined that in my head....and it was funny! Someone SHOULD do that!

    It's weird with certain SA's. Last time I was in an LV boutique, I went with my friend. An SA approached me and asked if I needed any help. I said, "nope just browsing around." I was grabbing a couple of bags and trying them on in the mirror. No one said anything to me, but when my friend went to touch a bag, she was yelled at and told to not walk behind the counter. :wtf: So strange!
  14. The funny thing is, I think that the merchandising is meant to make LV more personable, so you can actually touch and have a tactile feeling of it. So much for that !

    If you ever want to brave Yorkdale again, I could recommend SAs for you to work with ! :yes:
  15. im 18!!! but i dont look 18.. and i don't think i was dresssed badly at all! i was using my ribera mm as well