So Angry!

  1. OOFA! I sold a bag last week, and I state in every one of my auctions that payment is due within 3 days of auction end. So the buyer pays with an echeck...not my ideal preference, but whatever. When I first checked the payment status it said that the payment was expected to clear by today (3-7-07). LAst night when I checked, it said that it was not expected to clear until 3-20-07! That is another 2 weeks! I emailed the buyer through eBay and regular email asking them about it, and I have not heard anything as of yet. I told them that if I did not hear from them today that the item would be offered to the next highest bidder. I am so sick of these people on eBay...I mean, they could not even send me an email stating that the payment would take longer to clear. Rude!
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  3. LOL, thank you!
  4. Payment bounced the first time, probably. Tell her she needs to pay with a credit card. That if the payment doesn't clear w/in 7 days of EOA you will relist.
  5. Could you ask her to cancel her eCheck then change with cc?
  6. echeck by itself right?

    not with paypal?

    with my auctions i always insist payment with paypal. this is well over a year ago since my last sale....things have changed but through eBay if i didn't prefer echeck i would state so

    i think next time you should, less of a hassle and no need to relist again.
  7. Is it an international buyer? I have had this happen before with a UK echeck, they take much longer to process, but it worked out perfectly. It took over two weeks to clear, but the buyer was really nice so I didn't mind and she didn't realize it would take so long either!
  8. eeeck! I would offer the auction to the next bidder AND leave her negative feedback!

    THIS is why I will ONLY accept PayPal when I start selling!

    Good luck and keep us posted!
  9. It was done through paypal. I have never had anyone pay with echecks before so this was hever a hassle for me, and now I have 2 in the same week. No, the buyer is from the US. I still have not gotten a reply from the buyer, so I already offered it to the next highest bidder. If that person doesn't want it then I will relist.
  10. I know it's frustrating having to wait such a long time. However, she may leave you a negative as technically she is trying to pay.
    If you don't want to receive future echeck payments you can block them from you paypal account & note it in your listing.

    ''Sellers who offer PayPal as a payment option in their eBay listings (either via logos or through text in the item description) must accept card funded payments. Sellers must have a Premier or Business PayPal Account or be willing to upgrade from a Personal PayPal Account to a Premier or Business Account upon receipt of a card funded payment. Sellers may not communicate to buyers that they only accept account balance or bank account funded payments, or will not accept card funded payments. eCheck is the only funding source that eBay sellers are allowed to block".
  11. i disagree with that statement wholly
    first, i am very sick of ebay, but that doesn't keep me off of it! im terrible like that!
    second,why offer it to the next bidder if the money is in transit? it sucks that you have to wait for the money. but technically, didn't she pay within the allotted three days?
    third,in the future, block echecks. just block one. the one and only echeck that a customer paid with for me through paypal took two weeks. i was frustrated and she was very NOT happy with the ship time in reference to the auction ended time (even though it was her fault for the echeck!)
    four, neg feedback is a very serious ebay thing. only to be used when there is no other course of action or when the course of action you have taken with the other person has gone VERY badly.
    a neutral is a much better thing to use than a negative if you have a minor gripe with a buyer or seller. a neg stays with you forever and doesn't look good on you. I understand how NEWBIES LOVE to throw their neg feedbacks around when something dosen't go their way. but if you look at how 'seasoned' ebayers work, we play by the rules, try to communicate problems out and try every course of action before leaving permanent marks on someone's record.

    good luck with your echeck, i know waiting kinda sucks, but if you wait this one out, get your money, then you can state you don't want to take pp echecks ever again.
  12. I wouldn't be so angry if the seller had tried to contact me. I am sure that she knows her payment was declined. I sent her 2 emails yesterday, and she did not respond to one. What smells fishy to me is that she emailed me today asking "Did you ship my purse yet"?...I emailed her back that the payment had been declined and that I was still waiting for her to pay. Once again, no response. Also, I am not a newbie to ebay, I have been selling there for 5 years.

  13. my response was just in this situation, because she has had nothing but problems. i guess i dont see why someone who refuses to work with you deserves a positive feedback. what is positive about her experience?

    and im not a newbie. maybe to selling, but not buying. i am a seasoned ebayer. but thanks for the snarky response. i have NEVER left a negative feedback, nor received one. sooooooooooooo.....
  14. I've had that happen before. It may be because of her bank. At least you haven't sent it out yet... right?
  15. It may be the bank, but why would she not respond to my emails? From what I read on paypal, it is most likely because she did not have the funds available to clear the payment. I have tried to communicate with the buyer, but I am under the impression that I am being ignored. No, I have not sent it out. And no, this has not been a positive experience either.