So angry! (regarding Bonbon)

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  1. I was the first on the waitlist at my store for the teal Bonbon pochette. I got a call yesterday from LV (dubai store Mall of Emirates) but I was in class. When I called back, I kept getting the answering machine and I must have tried atleast 20 times so I gave up and thought I would call tomorrow (today). So today I called and spoke with my SA and asked her what the call was regarding and she told me she had just gotten back from holiday today and that it was a different SA who called yesterday to tell me the Bonbon was here but since I didn't answer (??!!) she called the next on the list and gave it to her!!!!!! The person told them to reserve it for her.

    I told my SA that since I'm the first I should get it (they only received 1 piece) and it wasn't fair that just because I was in class I miss out. I told her that they need to call that next person on the list and tell her a mistake has been made, etc. She said she would see what she could do but she still hasn't called back and it's been two hours.. I'm so angry right now. This is the only bag I wanted from S/S and now I might not even get it! :cursing: What do you guys think, should I get it since I was first on the list or is it too bad?
  2. Oh, that's terrible! No, you should get it. Of course I've never been waitlisted for anything and I don't know how it works, but I would not think that after one call you move on down the list?! Yea, maybe it was one her she decided that personally. I hope your SA calls soon and you still get your bag.
  3. If you definitely want your bonbon, you could have paid in full for it instead of getting waitlisted. I'm not sure how your LV store works over there, but in my country, we pay in full first and can be sure that we have a bag! Unless of course we decide to turn it down and get a store credit for something else.
  4. Why dont you go down the the store asap, and hope that its still there and tell them you will pay in full right then and there for it. They might just say ok.
  5. SAs need to relearn the basics of Customer Service 101!
  6. I'm sorry but I don't think you'll get it if the other person had paid. I understand your frustration. I had rather similar enocounter. I was asking for bonbon for a few weeks and when the store was allocated to 2 pieces, someone else prepaid for it. Horrors upon horrors, that someone was my friend. My SA went thru quite a lot of trouble to find me another piece but still nothing. So, I only have a pink bonbon.
  7. Yep, I was reading another forum on LV...
    Apparently, they do bump you up on the waitlist if you pay in full even though you may be the 10th customer who enquired about the bag... or unless you are VIP/ VIC.

    Alternatively, see if you can get it off the website if your SA isn't much help. But I think you should give the SA who was handling this transaction a pc of your mind. She should have confirmed with you first instead of assuming just because she couldn't contact you. Tell her to help you locate another pc and lodge a feedback to her store manager (though I'm not sure if this will help much). Good luck!
  8. I agree. Go down there and have a rational talk w/the manager and SA's involved. If the customer next in line hasn't paid for the bag you have a good chance of getting it.

    This is exactly why I ALWAYS leave my cc# for LE bags that I w/l for. My SA does a great job of getting me the bags I w/l for but it is things like this that worry me. You never know what could happen if your SA isn't in the store when the bags are released.

  9. That's the thing, they don't allow this! Paying before the bag is actually there. You pay once you have the bag in your hands at the store.
  10. There store is in another country (LV didn't open here yet) :/
  11. The other person hasn't paid yet, they had just called that person yesterday and she told them to reserve it for her for 2 days until she could come to the store. So it has not been paid for yet, they don't allow any to pre-pay because they never know what they will receive for sure!
  12. Now that seems unfair, if she was allowed to reserve it for 2 days and you weren't even allowed to reserve it for minutes until you returned the call ! :cursing:
  13. The only reason the next person in line was called is because my SA was not there! It was a different SA who was calling. Also pre-paying is not allowed here and last I'm a VIP at the store and that SA was new and she didn't know! :sad:
  14. I told my SA to do her best as I know that other customer has not paid yet. Also they don't usually allow pre-paying as they are never sure of what they will be receiving!

    Also that SA who called the next person is wrong. Even if I didn't leave my CC, I'm a VIP at the store and I'm first on the list, so she made the mistake of calling next person just because I didn't answer the phone. She should have waited until I called back. Oh well, I guess I can only wait and see what happens :sad:
  15. I know! She should have kept it for me until I called back instead of just going ahead and calling next person in line and letting her reserve it for 2 days :rolleyes: