SO ANGRY - be aware of modelscloset on ebay

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  1. Add modelscloset to the big pile of useless sellers we know of!

    Uh I am so mad right now!

    As some of you will of seen my thread a few weeks ago about a bag i made an offer on which the seller accepted, and then started asking me for more money for shipping after we had agree don a price to the UK. See original thread here--->

    I refused to pay extra after taking advice from an ebay live rep, and they then told me they had sent the bag anyway and gave a me a tracking number. Which didn't work. I emailed them daily to get a tracking number which would work and it never came. Eventually i got fed up with chaseing them arund i just requested a refund through the dispute - which they gave me within hours of my complaint. Their communications prior to me refusing the additional costs were fine. As you can see from the original thread i tried to meet them half way and offerd to pay an additional $12 (against ebays advice) because i really wanted the bag.

    All along they seemed weirdly eager to issue me with a refund that i felt blessed to be dealing with a seller who didnt clam up when the postal service *lost* a parcel.

    Here is the original listing --->

    How wrong i was. I thought over for ages about what feedback to leave and eventually decided on negative - because i had a bad experience with the seller and felt very cheated by them.

    Surprise surprise today they RELISTED THE ITEM!!! it was supposed to be "lost in the post" but it magically made it's way back to them and is now for sale. Only for more $$$ this time! I am beyond pi$$ed!!! I am livid. It's kicking a$$ time. Here is the relist --->

    I have alot of time for sellers on ebay who treat their buyers with a bit of respect. But this seller seemed hell bent on getting more money out of me. And when i refused they lied their way out of the transaction.

    The only good thing which has come of this is that eventually i did get a refund - which came oh so quickly. If only they could of just been honest with me and said they accepted the offer which was too low. I would of been ok with it. I would of bought a different bag. It would of been no big deal. But to lie to a buyer is taking it one step too far in my book.

    To make up for being so let down i bought a Coach Whiskey Leigh yesterday from a delightful tPF'er in Sweden. Hopefully i will be able to forget this incident but right now i just want to travel over to the US and just give them a slap up-side the head :lecture: :bagslap:

    Thank for listening i really needed to let that out! x
  2. Yikes. Sorry you had to go through that. This seller is definitely on the 'do not deal with' list. Glad it worked out for you in the end and you were fully reimbursed. But it still doesn't make up for the crap you were put through.
  3. oh poor nickky! :heart: i received a second chance offer which i eagerly accepted, then the seller mailed me a few minutes later to say it was a mistake and they didn't have the item anymore? i don't know if i believed it or not but i couldn't do anything about it anyway. i suspect they just didn't want to sell it at the lower price after some thought.

    enjoy your leigh when you get her! :heart:
  4. Thanks Imashopaholic & Dragonette

    Im trying really hard not to feel bitter about it but it's hard when it seems so obvious that i've been lied to.

    Im glad i have my money back i just feel so cheated. It was silly of them to lie to me, honesty is the best policy and i'd rather they came clean about the whole situation. Nervermind at least i escaped somewhat unharmed! x
  5. Sorry about that, what a horrible seller. I am glad you got your money back and got something else.
  6. Oh nicky Im sorry it happend to you and believe me I know how frustrating it is!

    Not once I won something at very low price and guess what? Seller backed off the transaction. Some of them just refund with some lame excuse while others pretend they actually sent item and it got lost/stolen/whatever and make fool out of me till I open dispute.

    And to see that particular item relisted is oh SO annoying.

    Also very sad to see that "power seller" is ready to sell his reputation for like what? 25 $ :sad:
  7. You know what? This is kind of cliche, but I think you and that bag were not meant to be. Thank your lucky stars you got your money back with minimal effort, let the seller collect on his/her Karma whenever it's due, and enjoy your beautiful Coach Whiskey Leigh, which I bet will work out better for you in the long run. :okay::tup:
  8. Isn't this something you can report NPS on?
  9. Some people shouldnt be allowed to sell on ebay! What a horrible seller! Im glad you got a different bag and a refund in the end!!
  10. How frustrating and dishonest. I think that you are probably better off with the refund.
  11. Sorry this happened! I hope the only offers they get are lower than the best offer they originally accepted from you! Serves them right for lying!
  12. Aww Nickky, that sucks! :Push: And you can't even file for non-performing seller, and you should be able to because that is exactly what he is! :cursing:

    Well, the bright side: :yes: You got your money back!

    Hopefully your Leigh will brighten your day :flowers:

    I have a chocolate signature Leigh and love her :love:
    It's a very classy and timeless Coach :heart:
  13. Ok, so this is probably bad, but I submitted a best offer on the new listing to see what the seller would accept. The first offer I made was $75, which was automatically declined. I then offered $80 and received a counteroffer from modelscloset for $94. I think nikkyvintage's winning bid was $85. Is this seller crazy going through all this trouble to get an extra measly $9? What an idiot this seller is!
  14. Haha, you're bad! Too funny!!!!
  15. things a seller would do for more $. it's sad. i still remember my auth/new LV broome that sold for ONLY $130US (i had it at no reserve). i was like "ouch, only $130, take ebay/paypal fees....". but oh well, life goes on with no unhappy buyers:smile: