So angry at myself!

  1. I just got a ticket for driving while talking on a cell phone. I know i shouldn't do it-and, I admit, I do it all the time. I guess I was due for getting caught.

    I am so angry for wasting money like that-$90. Well-I won't be doing that again-thank goodness I don't get points on my license for it!
  2. I'm sorry this happened to you... yea thank god you don't get points on your license. I heard NY insurance is very pricey!!!!
  3. OH that sucks!!! Do you have a Speaker feature on your phone? I use that alot and its great. $90 isnt to bad.
  4. Yes-I do have a speaker on my phone-shows how braindead I can be! LOL

    yeah-$90 isn't bad at all-I was worried it would be much more than that. I have already paid it-I just kept thinking what else I could have done with $90 instead of giving it to the city of NY.

    And, yes, NY insurance is high-and I live in Brooklyn where we have the highest rates out of the 5 boroughs for some insane reason.
  5. ^^ LOL Sel you read my mind, I was thinking, speakerphone is your friend!
  6. That sucks!!!! I'm sorry... I'm not used to that rule so it is good I don't have a car with me here in NYC.

    You would think the NYC police have better things to be doing right now, right?! :rolleyes:
  7. That sucks , that reminds me i have to find the ticket i got while in NY last week .........
  8. Aww, that sucks! I'm sorry :sad:
    I dont think we have that law yet here in OK... we all talk on our cell phones while driving
  9. We have it in NJ and I hate it. I am pretty good at scoping cops however. I use mine all the time. I know i will be snagged eventually.
    I would be bummed about the $90 too thinking of a item I could have purchased!!! Grrrrrr
  10. yeah, i got a headset and it was a lifesaver!
  11. Awwww, sorry about the ticket. I would be thinking the same thing as you that I could've saved myself $90.
  12. Right? The thing that really got me is they were driving down a major avenue near my house with their siren going off when they spotted me. Now-why was their siren going off in the first place? They obviously had nowhere important to go if they could take the time to pull me over and give me a ticket for using my cell phone-right? So-why the need for the siren and the racing down the street? Grr!
  13. Tickets suck so much -- I got one in NY State recently for parking too close to a driveway and it was almost fifty dollars!!! Pretty steep for Parking. It just seems like such a total waste of money.

    I think they are going to establish that cell phone law here in PA soon. It will be hard to get used to...

    Sorry you got so unlucky!
  14. Sorry you got caught! At least it wasn't in NJ where the fine is $250! You should invest in a handsfree headset. I scream at my mother all the time for talking on her cell while driving-it's so dangerous.
  15. Aww that sucks! And I'm the same way.. I'd be thinking of all the things I could have bought for $90 instead of handing it over bc of a stupid violation. And wow driving in NY is INSANE in general! I used to live there (like 7 or 8 years ago) and when we took a trip back recently I was seriously in the backseat closing my eyes bc it looked like we were going to crash into some taxi at any second! LOL