So, am I the only nutty one?

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  1. So yesterday was the first day I took my "fortuny" spy out to see the world. I was taking out all the tissue from the bag and noticed that inside the bag was a flyer for a psychic in new york...I thought..."someone must have returned this bag!!!". I hate it when I get items that have been returned...makes it seem it's not fresh from the factory..does anyone ever have this feeling? and not to mention I already posted about the dustbag ripping. I just wish I had a brand spankin' new bag..especially because these spy bags cost a small fortune.
  2. NO, from a dept' store I want a NEW ONE! Also, after it was returned didn't they look inside!?!?
    God knows what else could have been left behind. UGH!
  3. I got it at Fendi on 5th Ave. I looked at the bag..all seemed ok, but it was when I took all the tissue out to acutally take the bag out that I noticed this flyer inside!!! This is a sure sign that the bag was
  4. No, you are not alone. I would feel the same considering the price tag. You should get a brand new one from store.:shame:
  5. If there are any left, I would exchange it for a BN one. That's the whole point of getting the bag from an authorized retailer.
  6. So, what to do? Do I call the SA that helped me?? he gave me his card...and what do I say exactly?? hey, there was a fortune teller flyer in my bag?? lol...sounds pretty funny.
  7. Yes call him
  8. I would assume the worst -- it was used. The only case is that someone was trying on the bag who happened to get one of those flyers on their way to the Fendi store and while trying it on, they accidentally put the flyer there... (that sounds like a far fetched scenario). I hate feeling like I got a used bag.... even when I get bags, they always get them from the stock room but the thought still goes through my head that they were used. If there's another one, just call and exchange it.

    This has happened to me before and I just got over it... I didn't want to focus my attention on it because it would make me :rant: and overall, i was totally happy w/ my bag... I thought about it, can anyone really get a "brand spankin" new bag? It has to go through the people that ship it, receive it and unload it... so technically it's going through all kinds of hands. So i came to the conclusion that it's a mind *bleep*:censor: and went on w/ my business.
  9. I would definatley want a new bag. That is what you're paying for.
  10. I just hate the feeling..the wondering!! and the flyer was all the way at the bottom of all the tissue paper..and there were two colors of tissue paper..white and yellow...I don't know..I think I'm going to call and let him know how I feel and see what happens. I just feel that when a bag comes from the stock room it should be untouched...the bag was probably out on the town a couple of time for all I know.
  11. I would def. call them! I had to exchange my metallic spy because the flap wasn't working properly and upon close examination of the bag I came to the conclusion that it was a return!!!:rant: I was NOT amused! I went back to the store and let the SA have it!!!:censor: I mean for 3000.00+ a bag I expect it to be PERFECT!!!
  12. Called Fendi and my SA was off today..left a message for him to call me..if I don't get a call tomorrow I will call again...I definitely want an's just too much money to let slide.
  13. If the drive isn't too far, don't wait! Go back and exchange it asap. That bag costs too much money to be given a returned bag - GAH!!!
  14. I agree. Hop on the subway and take the bag back. It will probably be more difficult for Fendi to refuse your request if you are standing face to face with a SA.
  15. Bring the bag back. If I'm buying an exchanged/returned bag, I want to know from the start and not be surprised.