So after RM what is your second go to brand or are you loyal to RM?

  1. Does your bag collection consist of other designers? I'm sure it does silly question I know...just wondering what your other loves are?

    For me it's Balenciaga!
  2. RM is definitely my go-to and makes up the bulk of my collection (11 bags and counting), but I do have other designers I own and love.

    Marc Jacobs would be my number two love - I have 1 MJ and 2 MbMJ. Then a tie for third between Linea Pelle (yummiest leather ever), Reed Krakoff (oh, my Gym Bag is so divine) and Michael Kors (love my Hamilton!).

    One I admire and don't own YET...Chloe.

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  3. RM is number one! I actually find it difficult to venture out and try new designers, but I do have bags from LP, MJ, and now Mulberry and Balenciaga.
  4. I have the most RM's for sure (9 or 10). Other than RM I have a Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors and a Louis Vuitton. I used to own a Linea Pelle and I love her leather, but her styles haven't been doing it for me lately for some reason.
  5. If I'm not carrying one of my RM's, most likely you'll see me with a Coach or Brahmin!
  6. RM is definitely my go-to and makes up most of my collection. I find myself reaching for her bags the most, but occasionally, I'll venture out to other brands. If I'm not carrying my RM, I'll be carrying Longchamp or MbMJ.
  7. I almost exclusively wear RMs but my next go to bags are LVs or my Boyy Slash bag!
  8. Going to work, I carry 2 bags most of the time: 1) an RM 2) a Bal or LV
    During weekends if I'm not carrying an RM, I'd be carrying a Bal, LV or Ralph Lauren
  9. I'm pretty equally split between RM and LV. My collection is mostly comprised of these two. At the moment I also have a Linea Pelle, Bulga and Juicy Couture bag which was my first expensive bag that I never use anymore but keep for sentimental reasons. I am also looking to one day add a Dior and/or a Chloe.
  10. my favorite brands aside from RM are balenciaga and alexander wang-- was very big on LV for awhile, but now i dunno, taking a big break. also love marc jacobs and that was the first brand i started collecting. i am loving his stuff again and building my mj collection all over.
  11. I do like several other brands aside from RM but for some reason, I am most loyal to RM (about 20 bags now and counting). Next would be Balenciaga. I recently got into Alexander Wang and Reed Krakoff...and lately, for some reason, I'm wanting to get another LV (I only have one for now).

    Still, in the end of it all, no other brand has inspired a bag obsession in me aside from RM.
  12. Haha! Twenty!?! Awesome! I thought I was crazy owning 8 which I've obtained in a couple months :hbeat: nice to meet others like me!
  13. I am a Coach girl (leather bags) :biggrin:
  14. I have the most RMs of any brand that I own-15 I think (yikes!). I've tried out a lot of other brands but the only two that stuck were Bal and BV. I also like Celine and Reed Krakoff but don't have any right now.

    I love RM's colors, leathers and a lot of the styles, and the price is pretty nice too.
  15. My favorite brand to carry is RM. For the quality and durability you just can't beat the price. I've carried RM for years and after a hard to do downsizing I currently own 6 Nikkis, 10 MACs, 5 BFs, 1 Rocker, 1 Matinee, & 18 MAMs.

    My next bag love would be Balenciaga. They have such a great selection of gorgeous colors.

    I also love my 2 LV Speedys - the only LVs I own. I'd like to try a LV shoulder bag - style undecided.

    I own 1 Chloe Marcie. I absolutely love everything about this style and highly recommend it! I own several medium Chloe Paratys in neutral colors. Chloes have GREAT neutral leathers. They are comparable in size IMO to the MAM. I find that the strap is much more user friendly than the MAM though.

    Lastly I own 2 AW Roccos.......sort of a love/hate relationship......due to the weight. Sometimes I also feel that this style might be too young for me.