So after my Damier Alma decision, I changed my purchase plan for September...

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  1. Initially I was going to get the Popincourt Haut and the Amarante French Purse wallet during PSN at Holt's in early September, then buy Nimbus PM later on when it finally arrives in my store.

    However, today, after seeing the Damier Alma, I think I *need* it. Unfortunately I mainly spend what I make, I won't be able to afford the Popincourt Haut, Amarante French purse, and Damier Alma at the same time...

    So I'm thinking of pushing my French purse wallet purchase back, and buying the Damier Alma in early September instead.

    I was thinking, I can change purses every day, but it's much less convenient changing wallets every day...and besides, once I go back to school I'll rarely use a wallet since all I carry with me in addition to my school stuff will be my mini pochette with my cellphone, cles with cash and cards inside and keys attached. So maybe buying the Alma first is better.

    What do you think? Did I make a good decision? What would you do if you were in my situation (EXCEPT buy all three! :p)
  2. Get the alma asap, you can get the amarante fp later and the PH after. But I would get the nimbus before the ph. I agree you need the alma and it is only a small amount more than the wallet.
  3. ^^Yeah I agree!
  4. hmm. see, i'm more affected by time limits and my gut feeling would be to get amarante first. then the rest (since they're all permanent).

    but since you use a wallet less during school, then your point about using a purse more now is more important. this would probably be my 2nd choice of action :smile:
  5. I agree about the limited items! They are ALWAYS my first purchase in line, then I go for the others! I think the damier is a great investment. No leather to darken, and they are great in the rain and snow!
  6. Oh, oh, Nimbus PM is for SURE. It really doesn't matter what order I buy Nimbus PM and PH/Alma/FP because I have money set aside for that. So I'm buying it as soon as it comes out (assuming I will still be as crazy as I am now about the bag)

    I said I'm getting Nimbus PM after because it's supposed to be released Sept. 1, and PSN is on Sept. 5, but knowing Calgary we probably won't get our Nimbuses until like September 15 :rolleyes:

    If it comes in time for PSN, GREAT! I will get the Nimbus PM first, along with something small so I can get a $200 gift card. (In fact that is the ideal situation.)
  7. good decision, karman. i also have a tough time switching wallets so bags are my first priority (i only have 2 lv wallets- ludlow for my smaller purses and the brazza for my bigger bags). take lots of pics when you get your beautiful damier alma, ok?
  8. Alma all the way. You will love it.
  9. Closed at OP's request. :smile:
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