So after going back and forth...

  1. today...I left the boutique without a bag.

    I tried on lots, I *almost* came home with a Perfo Speedy, but I have a Speedy. Do I really need another one that is basically the same? LOL. (Oh and in case you are looking, Valley Fair has both the pink and green Perfo Speedies.) Yeah I know, but I really wanted a shoulder bag.

    Looked at the Mini Lin bucket to see if I liked the pattern...didn't LOVE it.

    Tried the BV. Liked it. Didn't LOVE it. I do prefer shoulder bags with one strap.

    Tried on the Mono Noes. Am considering the Petit Noe, tried on the MC version. Liked it, didn't LOVE it as much as the regular monogram.

    My Mom on the other hand, well nothing was stopping her! LOL. She came home with a Damier Koala, a Damier Recoletta, and a Monogram Vive-Cite GM.

    But please don't despair, I didn't come home empty handed! :graucho:

    I got a Mono Ludlow and Mono Cles to hold me over. :wlae:

    The Petit Noe is going to haunt me I think until it is here. LOL. I am going back on Thursday for the grand opening event at Lush.

    Off I go to check out everyone's Noe pics!
  2. Congrats!! Picts please!
  3. Congrats! I almost went today, but football won out. Did you see my baby there (the pampelonne gm)?
  4. Lol..I have 7 Speedies..I don't think there's such a thing as too many :lol:

    BUT, if you really love the mono Noe, you should definitely get it!! :yes:
  5. I did not, but then I was distracted by all the pretty red vernis everywhere! I like the new window displays though.

    Part of me misses that giant eye.

    Oh yes and pics coming later, I am just too lazy to take them right now.

    I got a cute Coach clutch too, but I will save that for the other forum. LOL.
  6. Congratulations.
  7. congrats!
  8. Congrats!

    Tee-hee....get the petit noe!!!! (I can't help myself, sorry! :graucho:) Seriously, it's a fantastic bag...
  9. You can never have too many speedy's....I have 9!! LOL It's better to think about what you really want than to impulse buy. If you're still thinking about the peit noe (which by the way is a GREAT bag), then I say get it when you go back on Thurs!! :yes:
  10. lol buy whatever you love! i have 3 speedys.
  11. Congrats on your cles and ludlow! Pics!!