So...about this Nuva Ring...

  1. So...

    A little background...

    I've never actually used a BCP...when I started on birth control, I started on Depo.

    Now, before everyone tells me the HORROR stories of what happened when they were on Depo...I just have to say that I absolutely, 100% loved it. I had some problems with spotting, and sometimes I would be a little, well, emotional the first day or so I got the shot, but I didn't gain any weight (I'm actually the same weight I was four years ago). Sorry if that was TMI.

    Anyway, I have been on Depo for about four years, and I decided, for whatever reason, to give my body a "break" from the Depo because I had heard that it wasn't recommended for long periods of time.

    So anyway...

    I switched to the Nuva Ring, because my doctor recommended it as a good choice for someone who was used to the convenience of Depo.

    So...(Pardon the TMI)

    Aside from the fact that I have had the worst middle-of-the-night nausea on it...and my boobs have swollen to the size of large melons (not an altogether bad thing), I haven't had any problems with it.

    But, as someone who hasn't had a period in four years, I'm having a little anxiety. LOL!

    But I do have a question, for people who use either the Nuva Ring or the pill.

    If I take the Ring out for 7 days like it says, am I still protected during that time? And...if I put it back in after the 7 days, do I have to wait ANOTHER 7 days before I'm "safe" again? :shrugs:

    I get really confused with this, because, obviously, with Depo, it was a free-for-all, and it didn't matter.

    How does everyone like the Ring?

    I actually kind of miss the Depo...but I'm a little hesitant to switch back because I don't know if my body would react differently if I went on it a second time?

    Okay, just needed to talk about that for awhile....
  2. how exactly does the ring work? Do you just put it in there and leave it? I don't know much about it.
  3. It's a combination Estrogen/Progestrin birth control that you insert vaginally and it releases continuous hormones through the walls of your vagina. I have stomach problems and it was recommended to me because of the "dissolving" of the Pill in my stomach. (IE: My stomach might flush it before it absorbs.)

    Well, I've been on Depo for four years, so my doctor told me to put it in for 3 weeks (21 days) and take it out for 7 days ...She wanted me to regulate my period and not jump into the "stacking" that people do with Nuva rings so that they never get a period.

    But, she also told me to put it in on the day that I would have normally had my shot and that there wouldn't be a skip in my protection, although, the ring says to use a backup method. :sad:

    But yeah, I was just looking for a little bit of extra information on the Ring. TECHNICALLY, I'm still in my "Depo window" until the 27th for a new shot, so, in theory, I think my Depo is still working, and since I feel really uncomfortable with it being out, I think I'll put it back in a little earlier than 7 days out. I hope I can do that...

    I don't really know that much about the Ring either, but I think I preferred my Depo.

    I was just curious what other people thought, or if they could soothe my mind a bit about switching birth controls.
  4. Ok, I've been using the Nuva-Ring for the past 2 years.. and I love it. :yes:

    So you have the ring in for 3 weeks and on the 4th week you take it out. So for instance.. insert the ring the day you normally get your depo shot i.e. Sunday. From that day.. you count 3 weeks and on the beginning of the 4th week.. that sunday, you take out the ring.. and that week is your period week. You're still protected that week the ring is out. Then after the end of the week...the following Sunday, you insert a new ring (for another 3 week phase).

    They include "insert" & "out" stickers in the packet to help you mark the days that it needs to be done. It's not as complicated as it sounds... it's quite easier than the pill IMO... I dont have to remember to take it everyday. But, be sure to mark your calendar at least 3-4 months ahead of time.

    Try not to stress, and if you're still not sure during the "transitioning" week... abstain for at least 2 weeks or use another backup method for that week. Hope that helps, but your transition should be fine. No worries~! :okay:
  5. One more quick question...I had marked my calendar to start it on the first Sunday in December...

    But then I had forgotten and my doctor had told me that I could start the following week, so instead, I just started it a day later IE: Monday.

    So, I put it in at about 8 am Monday, and then I still had my sticker on my calendar for three weeks from that original Sunday. I took it out, without thinking about it, Sunday night at like 6.

    Is that okay? I didn't take it out too early did I?

    And it's not a problem if I want to put it back in earlier than 7 days either?

    Thanks. (I feel better talking to someone else about it.)
  6. I've forgotten to insert my ring on a Sunday too and just did it on Monday, so that part should be fine (you'll just get your period a day later than usual, no biggie). I don't know about taking it out a few hours early - I know even if you take it for sex, it still protects you for three hours even if it's not in your body, so on that Sunday night you'd still be protected until 9pm. You're a few hours off so you're not 100% safe but I'd be willing to bet you'd still be ok. You can always take a backup BC if you're really worried. :smile: