So about these 40% off letters...

  1. I found a bag I realllly want as my reward for a major job promo, and I was considering trying to find a 40% off letter to help defray some of the cost as it is much pricier then I would normally spend.

    Are these letters transferable? I want to try and find a cheap one somewhere and I wasn't sure if it gave a code on it to use (so I can purchase online), or if the letter just states 40% off and my SA would deny it because my name isn't on it :smile:

    I don't want to spend money on something I can't use, but at the same time- I wanna try and buy the bag this weekend..LOL

    Thanks for the insight!
  2. As far as i know they aren't transferable. Mine is a note on my account. I think the actual letter has personal information on it, too.
  3. I gave my letter once to a friend. N she was able to use it
  4. The letter doesn't say it's NOT transferable! :p It has my name/address on the top (obviously because it was mailed to me).

    It says "Dear _______, <insert template text of letter here>"

    I imagine it depends on the SA whether or not they will take it.... but you could just say a friend gave it to you.

  5. My friend used it online and worked with no problem
  6. i used it once with jax and no problem also
  7. Thanks all! Time to stalk da bay!