So about Ergo: more colors and styles?

  1. Hello all-
    I'm looking at the turquoise ergo tote, but I wanted to know if there will be anymore colors or styles released before I commit. I love the color turquoise, but the tote looks more blue in person. Any chance of an orange/pink color in the future? Many thanks!
  2. I have the turqouise and I was thinking the same thing when I bought it about the pink, but i think the turqouise is just the best I mean i thought Id be real flaky on it because of the dramatic color but its truly amazing. try to imagine what pink might look on it it... i dont think it would look that great. Orange would look good though!
  3. Thanks for the input. What size tote do you have?
  4. Summer patchwork is also coming. A denim version and a khaki version.
  5. Thanks, krispin41! I am mostly interested in leather. Yes, I'm set on it now!
  6. krispin41:

    Do you know what is coming out in the Denim Version of Ergo? Just curious.

  7. No idea about new colors but I just got a blue ergo last week (the large tote) and it's gorgeous!! :heart: :heart: :heart:
  8. Ahh, red patent. It will be mine. Ohh, WILL be mine!
  9. I would LOVE orange.......mmmmm
  10. mmmmm patent ergo is hopefully coming out soon!
  11. A hobo for sure (I think it is large), and on the denim one, the pocket looked like a pocket on jeans and was embroidered with Coach. There are some other styles too (not just Ergo).

    If you have a boutique nearby, ask your SA to see the new stuff coming out.