So about Ali......

  1. What do you love about the Ali bag? It seems like a big bag, what do you fill it up with? I'm thinking of getting the white one so I wanted to hear some thoughts:smile:
  2. I don't "fill" it up just my everyday things, wallet, wristlet, planner, sunglasses. She's just a great looking bag, slouchy, relaxed. The front pocket under the flap is convenient for glasses, keys, etc., she fits to the body, the strap is a great length, just right for either on the shoulder or the arm. I have white, black and brown and use them all often. It's my favorite bag!

  3. My thoughts exactly:heart:
  4. I'm planning on getting a White Ali during PCE. Even though I'm banned, it's a good deal. Also, I'm not sure how long the Ali will be around so I might as well get one while I can. Yeah, that's it.
  5. I'm planning on getting an Ali next week! I haven't seen one in person yet so I'm not sure if I'm going to love it, but from the photos I've seen, it looks like a gorgeous bag.
  6. I kinda want an ali again. Maybe I'll see what kinda cash I get from my wedding and treat myself to a "Good for You, You're an Honest Woman Now!" present! :graucho:

  7. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: Cracked me up!!!

    I :heart: :heart: :heart: my Ali. She's a great bag, and like entheos stated, I just fill it with my everyday things. I love the slouchiness to her! She's a great bag and you can't go wrong.
  8. I love my ali. It is nice and roomy. I love using the front pocket for my keys. I can fit all the essentials in it plus the little extras that pop up like yesterday I threw my goody bag from the dentist in there.
  9. I just got the white one and I love it. Its large but not too large thats one reason I love it so much. This is these are the things in mine:
    long wallet
    makeup bag
    cell phone
    hubbys wallet (when hes with me)
    and other little items like pens and my mini skinny.
    Its so comfy!
  10. Well, I am still waiting for Macy's to "unscrew up" my order and send me the right color, but I did try my stuff in the whiskey color. My checkbook wallet fits in the front pocket, and I usually use the two open pockets inside any Coach bag for my BlackBerry (the Treo had to go...after all that work finding the right wristlet for it, too!) and the other for single pack wipes and a lipgloss. Inside the main compartment I can fit my purseket (with all my stuff) and then there is a bit of room in the middle for keys and sunglasses. It doesn't seem as big as it looks once you put everything inside.
  11. I took my Ali out today, and she had a great time running errands. It's just a great all around bag!
    Ali1 (Small).JPG
  12. so cute and i love that turtle keyfob!
  13. i think this is my favorite bag i have to FORCE myself to pick a different bag to carry :smile: it sits SO perfectly on the body, and its big enough that i can bring my notebook in it to school (JUST fits) but it is also slouchy enough that if i just have my essentials in it , it doesnt seem empty and too spacious!

    its just THE PERFECT BAG haha maybe one day ill get another is brown ,,but for now im just head over heels for the black!
  14. I love my Ali bags. I own the white, whiskey and the brown. I fit all the essentials in there for the day. I just wish they would make the Ali in the pond color.

  15. ooh, now pond would be pretty! white is supposed to be delivered to me this morning!!!:yahoo: