So a genie grants your wish...what's your Fantasy Lineup?

  1. And you can pick ONE quintessential bag from each of the big design houses. What's your dream lineup, your handbag Fantasy League? I'm looking at the perfect bag from each line for you, not what you think personifies the designer best or is most recognizable. I thought this might be fun! Here's mine:

    Balenciaga: Rouge Vif City
    LV: Monogram Speedy 30
    Hermes: Fuschia Ostrich Kelly 30
    Chloe: Grenat Paddy
    MJ: Sophia (not sure about colour)
    Prada: Antik Cervo (sp.?) Hobo in Dark Brown
    Gucci: Pecan Horsebit Hobo (I know it's heavy, but...)

    Feel free to add any other designers and tell me what your perfect collection would be! Only one bag per label;)
  2. I wouldn't know where to start... :drool: I think I would need a limit, otherwise I couldn't stop myself :graucho:
  3. Can I wish a 1000 new wishes for me instead of the bags?, No ok then:
    Balenciaga: rv city
    Hermes: 35 lizard or crocodile blue jean Birkin
    LV: big obersea trunk
    Marc Jacobs: Sophia in black with silver hardware
    Chanel:grey Reissue in 226
    Bottega Veneta: Ball bag in chocolate
    Gucci: Jacky O. bag in black
    Chloe: Paddington in wishkey
  4. all lines from balenciaga bags & accessories :party:
  5. Black Chanel classic flap all the way.
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    A large Nero BV and a dark purple Cervo or tan colored BV and then I would be quite satisfied. Nah! I'm sure after getting a taste of Bottega Veneta I will crave more and more.
  7. I'd like to have an Hermes Kelly and a Chanel Bubble Quilt but other than that I think I'm OK.
  8. My dream-team line-up would be:
    Mulberry Bayswater
    Bottega Veneta Large Veneta
    Balenciaga Day RH
    Celine Luggage in mini
    Tod's D-Styling Bauletto
    Chloe Paraty
  9. Balenciaga City
    BV Knot
    Celine Luggage (Mini)
    Chanel Reissue (Medium)
    Chloe Paraty
    Lady Dior (Medium)
    Givenchy Nightingale (Medium)
    Hermes Birkin 35
    LV Epi Speedy 25
    YSL Muse (Oversized)
  10. Celine Classic Box
    Chloe Paraty
    Lanvin Amalia
    Chanel Classic Flap
    LV Nomade Speedy
  11. A navy Chanel Classic Flap, a Balenciaga of some sort...probably a City but I can't decide on color, and as many Longchamps as I want. Just different sizes/colors/etc. Could he also make each of those bags super comfortable to carry, no matter how much I keep inside?
  12. balenciaga first woven
    chanel cambon tote
    louis vuitton white mc speedy 30
    gucci medium boston bag
    hermes orange birkin
  13. Coach - Oil Slick Sabrina
    Gucci - Snake Skin Jackie
    Hermes- Kelley 30 or 35 in Ostrich (Pink or Orange)
    Chloe Paraty
    Lady Dior Large in Red and Black
    Givenchy Nightingale in Gray

    But really I would ask the Genie to make me maga rich so I can buy so much more than this.. LOL
  14. Gucci: Bordeaux Python Bamboo Top Handle
    Goyard: Saigon PM/GM
    Hermes: Birken
    Alexander McQueen: Skull Clutch
    Burberry: Red/Burgundy Manor
    Marc Jacobs: Frog bag (don't know the name)
  15. ^there's a frog clutch on Bonanzle right now! :p

    Balenciaga: black City or First
    LV: black Epi Speedy
    Hermes: black or fuchsia Birkin
    Chloe: Paraty or Marcie (one of the smaller ones)
    MJ: so many to choose from! maybe the smaller Camile when it comes out
    Prada: one of the vintage ones that's suede (don't know if it were ever made in reg. leather) w/ the interwoven chain
    Gucci: no idea.... something non mono though. i don't have much knowledge of Gucci
    Dior: Lady Dior
    Chanel: classic flap (preferred vintage)
    YSL: Muse
    Mulberry: Alexa
    Celine: Classic Box

    whew.... i got a little excited just thinking about all of those :p