So a Bought The Purse....

  1. and I really don't LOVE the style like I thought I would :sad:

    I saw an INK at Barneys and it was beautiful but I had one sent from Bal NY in White... The leather on this White one is EXACTLY what I like too, DARN IT! I guess I will send her back and get a credit :cursing: and wait for the Spring line...
  2. I think you either love the purse or hate it. I have 2 and I LOVE them. Still love my City just a teensy bit more...
  3. I bought a blueberry purse this summer but exchanged it for a city. I also thought I would love the purse style, but didn't like the way it "fit" my body. I love the way it looks on others, though.
  4. I swore the INK one at Barney's was smaller - LOL! I really thought it was smaller than the City but on me it actually looks BIGGER :shrugs:
  5. Pics please? I've order the Purse from LVR thinking it would be perfect (and I don't need 80 bazillion Cities!). would love to see how it looks on you.

  6. That's what I was thinking too but this one just isn't working for me, I like my City's much better! I love my little Griege First also but one of that size is enough.

    What color did you order???

    I can take pics but I don't know how to resize them for here, a PF'er did them for me before ...
  7. I ordered Grenat. I was desperately trying to buy an unused one on ebay from of a very nice lady in the UK. Hers looked gorgeous, but UK prices are very high. She was asking less than she paid but it still came to more than I paid to get one brand new from LVR. It hasn't shipped yet, so I'm interested in this information from you!
  8. I tried to post the pics but it says they are too big :confused1:
  9. I have the opposite problem. I think my first may be too small. I'll wear it for awhile and decide.
  10. [​IMG]
  11. Hey I did it!!!! couldn't tell you how!
  12. I think that bag is stunning!!! The leather looks amazing.
  13. I really LOVE the leather on it! I HOPE they get a City in with the same yummy leather! Daisy has picked out the best bags for me all three times.
  14. please excuse my jammies :P

  15. [​IMG]