So a big problem about my lambskin jumbo

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  1. Hey chanel owners!

    I have the gst, medallion tote and one new tote from 2011 summer ( dont know the name of this bag).
    And the jumbo in lamskin gold hdw. So i my friend told me that the lambskin isnt good for a bag. I know that the calf leather is better and the lambskin is more sensitiv of scratches.
    But can i take the bag as everyday bag? Can i give a lots of things in it and the bag hold it?
    Is the lambskin jumbo a good bag with one problem the sratches? Or are there more problems.
    Im very distressed and i hope you all can help me and give your arguments to me.
    (sorry my english in writ is not so good im from europe)

    Thx to all
  2. I think the newer lambskin would be more prone to scratches / quilts deflating, but if you're getting it in a dark color (like black) & you're careful with your bags, I don't think it should be a problem. Lambskin isn't as delicate as most people believe it to be. If you love it, then go for it!

    Personally, I like the caviar jumbo for everyday use because it's low maintenace. If you absolutely love the lambskin leather, then maybe opt for a vintage lambskin because the leather is practically indestructible.
  3. I just bought a Jumbo in Caviar. All my other Chanel items (including shoes!) are lambskin and I much prefer lambskin over caviar. However, as the Jumbo is a larger size and would be my everyday bag, I thought long and hard, and read carefully the advice from the knowledgeable ladies on the forum, and opted for the caviar. My lambskin M/L has been used quite a lot. I've had it for a few years and for me, scratches are not a problem at all, as they seem to just rub out with my finger tips. However, I found that the corners have worn quite easily. Also, I've had my lambskin wallet for a couple of years and it's starting to look a little worse for wear. Getting pretty worn on all corners and the texture of the lamb has changed - it's pretty scratched up. I definitely should have opted for caviar for a wallet because I think in another couple of years it will just look awful. However, my lambskin WOC which I recently sold looked like new after many uses. My advice - WOC, M/L = lambskin. Jumbo=caviar.
  4. I have a lambskin flap and love it. It is black and the leather does not show any wear it looks great still. The only think is when I put a lot of stuff the leather where the strap runs through pulls up it does not stay straight like my other flaps. I hope what I am describing makes sense.
  5. I got the jumbo lambskin two years ago and i think i wear her 2 times. Im so afraid that the lambskin is so delicate. I love this bag so much.
  6. :hugs: your English is ok, I can understand you! :smile:

    I am of no help here. I do not the good fortune to own a lambskin Chanel and I do wish very much to have one.

    All the best and I trust that the wonderful ladies here can give you good advice!

    Viel Glück!
  7. lauren, I prefer lambskin over caviar any day. That being said, if you plan to use it as an everyday bag, I'd choose a darker color in lambskin so any scratches or scuff wouldn't be as noticeable. Lambskin is alot more durable than you think! I'd still get calf or caviar for lighter colors, but for darker, more saturated colors, it's definitely lambskin over caviar for me. You didn't specify the color of your jumbo so I'm not sure if it falls into the lighter or darker color category. In any event, enjoy your jumbo!:smile: