snuck some iphone pics at neimans!!

  1. they had some pretty colors..=)
    i wish i could buy them all!!

    sorry photobucket is down so i have to attach the pics here
    bbagneimans.jpg bbagneimans (1).jpg bbagneimans (2).jpg bbagneimans (3).jpg
  2. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
  3. WOW!!I never seen so many Bbags in one shop!!:wtf::wtf::drool::drool: thanks for sharing tofu!!
  4. Oo, I'd love to play in there. Thanks for the pics!
  5. Beautiful eye candy!! Thanks for sharing these!!
  6. Gorgeous eye candy!!!
  7. Gorgeous! It's probably a good thing that I don't have any stores around me that carry willpower here! :shame:
  8. wow! why can't there be shops like that in australia?
  9. tofuchan , thank you so much.. I rarely get the chance to go to a city with a Neimans..these pix woke me up this morn!
  10. Ohhh... I just want to dive into those pics!

    Nice work with the sneako shots!
  11. :drool: I've never seen so many bbags in one place :biggrin:
    Really wish they were more accessible here as well!
  12. is that an RTT in sienna ggh in the 2nd pic (2nd row)? thanks for sharing the pic!!
  13. So colorful! Thanks for the undercover pictures!
  14. wow, i've never seen so many bags at once!
  15. YUMMY!!!! Luv it!!!! :love: Thanks for sharing!