SNUBBED at 5th Ave LV!!

  1. As soon as I arrived home from Manhattan today, I decided I had to post and share my LV experience with all of the lovely members of the PF. I decided I would go into the 5th Ave LV today and take a look around, and ask about the new groom collection. So I strolled in and went to a side accessory counter and told the woman I knew of the new groom collection and if they had any pictures of the products. She immediately said no. When she said that, I knew she was going to be a :censor: , but I decided I would ask her if she knew the price range, and again, she was smug and rude with her response. I was FURIOUS!:mad: There is no reason AT ALL why anyone should be treated rudely by any SA. So I went upstairs and tried on a few fantastic LV outfits (I might post a few pics of what I tried on) and THAT SA was wonderful and I definitely will use him again. Later that day, I went to Macy's and decided I would try asking about the groom collection again. This time, I talked to the botique manager, and she was SOO NICE!:yes: She didn't know about the collection, so I told her about the amazing PF and even showed her the pictures online. She then looked in the GIGANTIC look book, which I was able to glance through, and she was VERY helpful!:biggrin: SOOO...even though I was originally snubbed at LV, the day ended very well, and I'm def. going to be ordering the LV groom agenda, in blue. :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  2. ALSO...the LV manager at Macy's made it sound like LV could be increasing their prices AGAIN! When I asked her about the price of the groom agenda, she said, "well, thats as of now, but its probably going to go up". She maintained the prices will probably go up every 3 months:amazed: ! I hope she's wrong!
  3. Thats mean!. I L0VE the LV @ Macy*s!!! they are so nice there!
  4. Price hike every 3 months??!! I'm going to die.
  5. i'm sorry you had a bad time at the 5th Ave store. it's funny, though, because i go to the 5th Ave and Macy's stores everytime i go to Manhattan, which is probably 3 or 4 times a year, and i've never had a problem with the SAs.

    and OH MY GOD i hope the prices don't go up for at least another 6 months:smash:!
  6. I didn't know Macy's had an LV boutique. What location is this? I wonder if I could order over the phone and charge it on my Macy's card? :graucho:
  7. You should've spoken to the manager or somehting 'bout that nasty SA at the 5th ave store...I really despise SAs like that...who do they think they are??!?!?! arghghh! lol
  8. it's in New York City, at the corner of 34th St and 7th Ave
  9. The Macy*s @ Herald Square, Manhatten :biggrin:

    In NYC there is also a Macy*s in Roosevelt Field Mall (Long Island) that has a LV store.

    I have no clue if you can put it on your charge card sorry :Push:
  10. When I spoke to the assistant manager @ LV on Friday, he said that the next price increase would be in 2007.
  11. Wow that is unreal. I have always run into such nice SA's. Sorry you got snubbed.
  12. When will these SA's learn? This is what makes elux so attractive, I for one am tired of their attitudes. I have had some good experiences and bad ones, but I find myself putting on really nice clothes before going to the department store now! It's crazy!
    If we all wrote a letter everytime this happens to one of us, maybe the store managers would get the picture!
    Hello, we are the customers!
  13. Maybe we need to develop an official purse forum complaint letter for snotty SA's! Just thinking out loud. How many members are in the forum now. Thousands!
  14. Thanks Jadore and yeuxhonnetes!
  15. we should! show them rude sa's what's UP. :biggrin: :flowers: