SNS Nail System????!!!!

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  1. Has anyone ever heard of this? I don't see any threads about this within the first 8 pages so i'm not sure if people have heard of this. I went to my nail salon to get my nails cleaned up since I've been doing my own gelish manicures and the woman asked me if I wanted to try it.I went for it and got a french manicure which is my favorite kind of manicure. They put coats of clear polish looking stuff on ur nails and then dip your nails in different kinds of powders. Instant drying and no uv or led lights. All natural and organic products. Actually feels very nice. I love my gel polishes bc they are easy to apply but the looks of these remind me of a light weight acrylic. Even when I rub my nails together they sound like acrylics. The woman said this is the healthiest product for your nails on the market right now. I will let you know how they hold up and what I think about them as time goes on. Its supposed to last 2 weeks like my gel polishes and soaks off in acetone polish remover. The woman did say to stay away from acetone polish remover until its time to remove the polish due to the fact that they dont hold up to it as well as the gel polishes. Tell me what you think. Have you tried this product or heard of it?
  2. wow.. that sounds interesting. So the powder sticks to the clear powder?? How do they get the french part to work.. just dip the tips??

    How much was the maincure.... Great.. all I need is another nail polish obsession.
  3. It cost me $30. They put this sticky clear coat on my nail then dipped my tip in white powder and then the rest of my nail in pink powder. Then tapped the side of my finger so any extra powder fell off. Then clear and powders again. A clear top coat and then buffed my nail with a white nail buffer to give extra shine. Took about 20 minutes.
  4. Sounds really interesting. I'd love to hear how long your mani lasts. Do keep us informed. :yes:
  5. Hmmm, sounds like a type of acrylic overlay system to me which would be consistent with the removal via acetone.

    From their website FAQ's:
    Q: What ingredients does SNS powder have?

    A: SNS 's ingredient consist: Organically processed chemical of Benzoyl Peroxide, Titatum Dioxide, Acrylic Ester Polymer.
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  6. when I look at my nails they look like acrylic on top of my nails. I rub them together and they sound like acrylics. They are very light feeling though and there was no smell. Not sure if I would get them again though. I enjoy doing my own nails.
  7. Probably acrylic "cured" with some type of gel resin. The acrylic certainly won't hurt your nails... it's rarely the product that does the damage, but rather the application/removal techniques that do. :smile: Just make sure to soak them off in acetone rather than file them off.
  8. The nail lady said they soak off just like gels. I said oh good I can just soak them in acetone polish remover? She said yes but u should really come back to me that way I can do it and then do ur nails again lol.
  9. Can you post a photo of your mani?
  10. I dont know how to do that
  11. I just went to the salon today. I get the OPI gel polish. My salon had the SNS products. She wants me to try this in two weeks. I came to this board to read reviews, because I knew my tpf friends would've heard about this product. OP please let us know this works out for you!
  12. So far they are still holding up great. Got them done thursday night and it is now sunday night and I have a little growth but no one can see it except me. No chips at all or scratches or dents but then I dont get that with my gel polish that i do myself either.
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  13. I read about something like this over on the beauty tech board. It's not a new concept, really, dip acrylics. They used to sell a kit at the drugstores that was the same idea that I used ti use when I was a poor teenager and couldn't afford to get my nails done. It always worked well and was easy. The product has evolved since then I'm sure lol. I would love to see pictures of your mani also if you had one to upload online somewhere and even just post a link to?
  14. I dont know how to take a picture and post it here so i'm afraid it wont be possible. And to be honest its nothing too exciting any way. I don't think I will be getting it done again. Reminds me too much of when I used to have acrylics. I can't even take my nail polish off my toes without gloves on my hands with this product. My gel polish that I use is soo much better in my mind bc I can do anything in them and still have beautiful nails.
  15. Found the link to the dip acrylic stuff I was talking about earlier. I lurk there but never post (not a DIY forum over there, LOL)