Snowmaggedon - REVEAL

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  1. Well, I am working from home today due to the 12-18 inches of snow we are getting here.

    I was thoroughly inspired by etoupebirkin's Snowpocalypse Reveal from last week...

    Oh wait, there's the doorbell!

  2. Anyone snowed in too and wants to see what the mailman brought?
  3. Am I the first one here? How exciting! :popcorn:
  4. #4 Feb 10, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 10, 2010
    Yes! (not snowed in, but wanna see) :biggrin:
  5. Yay!
  6. But please make it quick ;), as I have to leave in about ten minutes, when dinner is (yet again) ready!
    So No :popcorn: for me, but I'll already toast to you! :drinkup:
  7. Live one!!! :yahoo:
  8. Hi everyone, I'll try to make this quick! :biggrin:[​IMG]
  9. :nuts: waiting...
  10. omg, i am actually in the front row, bring it on!!
  11. [​IMG]

  12. Looks like somethin' big! :P
  13. Just in time....
  14. :whistle: It's not really 'big'... first clue
  15. I love the Orange Box :love: