SNOWED in...............HELP

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  1. 10 inches of snow here in Southern Va but everything is shut down today and Sunday wanted to go shopping so Iam living thru you guys today and Sun DH wont let me drive in this weather but we had a great snowball fight with the neighbors:yahoo:
  2. Im in VA as well and we have about 10 inches, but making that trip to Potomac Mills outlet tomorrow :smile:
  3. my outlet is in Wmbs 45 min away but they never have good stuff good luck shopping hope you get good stuff be safe
  4. A snowball fight sounds fun! Wish we had some snow!
  5. no snow in the ATL,,i had on flip flops today!!!
  6. in maryland and we have somewhere around 6 inches; and it's still coming down. :yucky:
  7. I want to have a snowball fight! Sorry you're snowed in though.
  8. its actualy quite beautiful
  9. We are in the middle of an ICE storm in SW Oklahoma. Just got our electricity back after 3 days being without heat, lights and electronic devices :sad: Lost water yesterday, still without, but luckily we stored up lots of water in advance! Had my Blackeberry but the screen is tiny!! Thank goodness for tpf, I was able to maintain some sanity!!! :nuts:
  10. I'm in the same area too. I let my kids play in the snow...I stayed in
  11. We had a snowball fight yesterday too! Mostly everything has turned to ice today! I still managed to get some shopping done today though :graucho:
  12. I'm with you. and i really wanted to get a price adjustment at the outlet this weekend too!
  13. I'm in SW VA and we got about 11 inches. We still haven't had a plow hit our street. It's bad to be snowed in because I seem to spend a lot of time internet shopping!
  14. Oh, girl - I feel your pain. We got 7 inches! I'm going to try to post some more stuff in my reveal thread tonight or in the morning. I can't go out, and am banned, but the mail-lady brought me some stuff that I bought BEFORE I was banned from buying anything else. heheheh

    ANd I wish I was YOUR neighbor - we'd have fun! All my neighbors are either rude or old, so no one to have a snowball fight with. LOL
  15. I am in Northern VA not sure how much we got. maybe 5-7 inches. Ugh I am ready for spring
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