Snowed IN and Bored!!

  1. Anyone else in the middle of this blizzard? I live in CO and we are having a massive snow storm. I can't even see across the street and there are 2 feet (and growing) drifts on my deck.

    So bored, thinking of ordering a bag...
  2. I saw it on the news. Looks like a winter wonderland out there! Thank God for the internet right?:flowers: When will the blizzard subside? Hope you have enough food. Take care and keep warm.:flowers:
  3. Awhhh...I love snow!!! But blizzard???eeekk... hope you are staying warm!
  4. Oh boy. I can't even imagine snow this early in the year!! You def deserve to order something new!!
  5. I am so jealous! I love the snow and winter, lol. I live in Ohio, so we do get snow...order a new bag to give you that warm fuzzy feeling!
  6. Aww sorry to hear that! I am in AZ and it will be like 80 some degrees today!!
  7. I love getting snowed in! Throw on some PJ's, make some hot chocolate, and watch movies!!
  8. My kiddos are still in their pjs. :smile: They can't even go out...winds up to 60 mph!! I did order a bag, however!! I just ordered the quilted Novak from NAP!! Yahoo!! The thought of it alone will keep me warm for the next few days.
  9. I am so envious. I live in southwest air conditioner is on. I would love to experience being snowed-in!
  10. I don't want the cold to come yet!!! Ahhhhh!
  11. Oh boy, I'm rained in... this weather is yucky! Makes me not want to do anything.
  12. Hope the weather gets better soon so you can get out.
    Me and cold don't get along, since I'm used to really hot weather
    it's really hard for me to adjust to cold ;)
    been around snow just a few times in my life lol few times when I was a baby in Virginia
    and then in Geneva when I was 10 or so.

    Best of luck! :smile:
  13. DITTO!!!!!
  14. I wish I was snowed in that way I wouldn't have to be at work. Snow days are the best. I guess I'll just have to wait for my turn.
  15. Sorry for your boredorm and the snow storm. Congrats on the new bag though. Always look for the silver lining.:yahoo: