Snowboarding gear?

  1. Hey guys,
    I just picked up a new hobby, snowboarding! :tup:

    I never thought I could get into but tried it a few times and I love it so much! Now I am interested in buying a board for myself and some cool accessories like goggles gloves and fleece liners and such. Any suggestions on where I can get the best ones with a huge selection of boards online??

    Also.. since I am a beginner any suggestions on what I should be looking for in a board?? I am 5'4" and 106lbs. Thanks so much!!
  2. Welcome to the world of snowboarding!

    My kids are AVID 'boarders!

    Since the season is almost over, I would suggest using what you have for now. Towards the end of the season, most stores have great sales...up to 80% off all kinds of gear and apparel. You can get great gear really cheap. Another thing to do is go to a store that has snowboarding specialists and talk to them. They are a great resource.

    I do know that boards should be as tall as your nose but don't know much beyond that.

    Make sure to always wear a helmet. Have fun! It's a great sport!
  3. Welcome to snowboarding. I would keep an eye out on and I recommend burton they make good stuff all around and alot of pros such as shuan white rides burton. I currently ride a Burton feelgood 140 and im 5' 1" and 95 lbs. I would go down to your local ride shop though and take a look around. Different boards are designed more for different areas of the mountain and where you ride. Another thing is your boot size. For example my board only take small bindings which only take size 4 to 6 boots. Your best bet really is to go take a look around and try your boots on and walk around before you buy. If you buy uncomfratable boots its going to make your day horrible.
  4. I recommend Burton too. I bought most of my snowboarding gear from REI so I'm not sure which sites would be good for boards and gear. Try to buy your shoes IRL so you can try them on. Like marinegf mentioned, if your shoes are uncomfortable your day will be hell. As soon as the season is over, check out the stores and you'll probably find some really great sales. Good luck!
  5. Thanks all. Yeah I wish knew some good snowboarding shops in NYC.

    I hear great things about burton as well. My jacket and snow pants and my gloves are all from Burton. I just watched X games? I think its called.. shaun white was killing it out there!