Snow White

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  1. She does look like Snow White. I can't wait to see other celebrities start copying children books characters, that would be something funny to see.
  2. I'm no fan of hers but I love the way she is always so well put together! I've never seen a pic of her without makeup or in a tracksuit! Way to show the 'celebs' up!
  3. She is gorgeous..
  4. :roflmfao: Snow white! Cannot be more true! Thanks for posting!
  5. she's always completely polished!
  6. LOL! She does look like Snow White. Too funny! She's cute though, isn't she?
  7. :heart: Love her:heart: She is fabulous, and looks gorgeous and unbelievably polished as always! :love:
    Great pics Prada, thanks for posting!
  8. I like her!
  9. Love her LV sunglasses..

    she's like a doll..
  10. i LOVE her... and i lve MM's old gf before dita, rose mcgowan.
    but i hate his new gf, such a wannabe :p
  11. she always has such flawless skin - but that outfit makes me giggle - snow white! :lol:
  12. Lol!:busted she's very pale.
  13. Lol
  14. I love her style.:heart: