Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs + other Fairytales?

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  1. I just noticed that LV did a series of ads revolving around Fairytales. Personally, I've always been obsessed with Fairytales. [they're even the focus of my AP Studio Art Portfolio].

    The ones i've found so far are two revolving around Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. And one dealing with Alice In Wonderland.

    And incase you don't see the refrences, The 2 involving Snow White includes a sleeping girl who has taken a bite of an apple, and 7 little men behind her carrying all her luggage. As for Alice, she is looking "through the looking glass" into "wonderland". Not to mention all the chess piece shaped shrubbery.

    Does anyone know if LV ran other ads like this?
    adv_3478.jpg adv_2733.jpg adv_3159.jpg
  2. hmm, those ads were from the season with the conte de fees/patchwork line by verhoeven. (sp?) If you google it, maybe you'll find more ads! I have one of the catalogs at home...I'll check it for you to see if they have more like that!
  3. i love it

    i wonder what beauty it would be if they used an ad influenced by "the little mermaid"

    gah that would be gorgeous, maybe with the blue epi?!?
  4. Beautiful!
  5. i haven't seen these before, they are very pretty! :heart:
  6. Those ads are GORGEOUS!!!:love:
  7. I wish they still did ads like these! THank You for posting they are TDF!
  8. Very cool ads, thanks for posting!
  9. AWESOME!!! I love the first one with snow white asleep after biting the apple! Thanks!
  10. FYI: Conte de fees is French for "fairy tales". :biggrin:
  11. I loved those ads!! I remember when they came out and I literally ripped them out of my Vogue or whatever and put them on my wall. lol I'm a geek...but I also love anything fairytale. Some of the bags are cute.
  12. I've only seen the one with the red epi luggage, it's gorgeous though ! I love that model in particular.

    And great signature, Onederland, love Imogen Heap !
  13. Those Conte de Fees ads are really beautiful and artistic. I'm loving the red epi too :amuse:
  14. I agree! These ads are GORGEOUS and the model is quite pretty (she reminds me of Rory from Gilmore Girls).
  15. I loved these..I have the Alice one as my desktop picture and I have the actual 2 page ad of the Snow White and the Seven Dwarves one.