Snow Storm Freak out!

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  1. So there's a big or "a big" snow storm coming toward the east coast apparently on Fri-Sat. I went to the grocery store after work this morning to get some lunch and my dogs a toy from the dollar section and the place way INSANE! Why do people flip out when a snow storm is issued?

    I'm scared to even go near my Wal-Mart.

    Are any of you like this? Prepare ahead of time for the worst? I mean if it is going to be like a blizzard I'd go buy junk food and movies to keep me occupied while snowed in, but I haven't had a horrible snow storm here since 1989 when I was born and 1993 when my brother was born. Both born in a blizzard.
  2. i know it's not the same but let any one mention the chance of a hurricane and you can forget finding bottled water, canned food, batteries, generators...the list goes on down here.

    i try to not freak out, but after ike and having no power for a week kinda changed my perspective...

    oh and if by chance tx was hit by a freak snow storm, i swear the whole place would just stop functioning. i hate to think about a bunch of texans trying to drive in the ice/snow!!
  3. yes, folks freak out here all the time. Sometimes its funny because the weather turns out to be nice and sunny.

    I heard that we were getting 6-12 inches in MD. I was born, raised, and made in Boston, MA. 1 foot of snow doesn't scare me.
  4. Yeah, I'm in Texas and we freak out when there's even a chance of snow or anything. I know New Englanders make fun of us - but hey, SNOW I can deal with, it is ice I don't like - and that's what we usually get. You try driving on 1/2" of ice and see how you like it! :lol: I swear our weather here is so jacked up. It never snows, it ices. It never is just a normal thunderstorm - it is always freakin' hail. It is never just "hot" - it is like 109 degrees hot. WTF people. I digress.

    Whenever there's any hint of flurries, the local Wal-Marts get ransacked. We keep our pantry and all that supplied up at home, so I might have to grab a gallon of milk, but I otherwise avoid the stores at all costs in these situations. If people feel the need to make a mad dash for Cheetos and beer before the sleet, I'd rather just avoid it!
  5. Hurricane season is crazy where I am - I know you don't want to take the warnings lightly, but I think some people FREAK out a little too much. If you live in a state with big storms you should pretty much always be prepared so you don't have to have mass pandemonium at the last second.
  6. ^ I live in MD too. Last snow storm that hit down towards Georgia and North and South Carolina they didn't know what to think. I have friends in SC and they've never owned a shovel and couldn't even buy one when the storm hit lol.
  7. Where I live, we don't typically get snow storms, but we do get ridiculous ice storms. And as soon as the news announces even the possibility of ice, people start freaking out. Supermarkets/Wal-Mart/Target/etc all get almost completely cleaned out and people just end up acting ridiculous.

    For the most part it's not a major deal because usually it's really tame compared to what gets predicted. Although last year we had a particularly bad storm. 6-8 of ice everywhere and 90% of my city went without power for almost a month. We lost power at my house for 2 1/2 or 3 weeks.
  8. I used to live in TX so I know that they always close schools etc if there is even a chance of snow. In CO we are used to snow, but we do all head out to the grocery store etc before a big storm comes.
  9. No one in my area panics, even if we're under a blizzard warning. Most people still go to work the next day and it usually takes quite a bit for schools to close.

    I do understand why some people freak over snow, though, if their town is not equipped to handle it. We get a lot of snow every year, so people are used to driving in it (not that they all do it WELL, but usually better than people from somewhere with no snow) and our cities and road commissions are equipped with more plows. Almost everyone owns a snow blower or is used to shoveling. (etc etc etc)
  10. I remember some really BIG snow storms we had back in Nebraska when I was a kid. A few in particular the whole town was shut down for a week. Peoples cars were stranded on the highway and completley engulfed in 7 foot + tall snowdrifts. They had to bring in skid loaders and the big yellow ground movers with blades on the front. It was weird because you couldnt see the highway or the cars or trucks. I remember being able to walk off our deck and over the railing in the back yard. Our deck was seven feet off the ground. My brother and I would walk along over the top of our fathers head while he was trying to make a path back to the shed with his snow blower. Throwing the occasional snow ball on his head....LOL..He was not very happy about that!!! LOL!!!After that storm we had an icestorm and 50 to 60 mph winds. Our front door was completly covered and packed with snow. WE had to dig ourselves out of our own house. Total crazy weather!!!! Another time we had a hail storm that totaled both my car and my parents brand new steel siding on their house. That was golf ball sized and larger. Nebraska is very well known for its weird,scary and horrid weather. The snow storms we get here in NJ and NY are NOTHING compared to what Nebraska gets. So when I see a BIG storm forcasted for us here on the east coast I think back to the storms in Nebraska as a kid and kind of laugh...
  11. The news sensationalizes every "snow event" that we get here - like it's a big thing that it's snowing in western PA in the winter. It's not news - it's called a normal winter! And of course people go crazy and buy all the milk/bottled water in the grocery store :rolleyes:
  12. Hehe, that was cute - I know what you're talking about :smile: I'm in Jersey and we had alot of snow the week before Christmas - I posted pics - and it was funny hearing everyone beforehand saying "I have to go to the store to stock up on milk, eggs and bread." We make sure we have everything, but we're prepared. I loved being snowed in those few days :smile:

    We got an inch this morning and it caused a 2 hr delay for my school district. We're expecting the weekend hit too ... not too worried. Like you said - get some good movies and food :smile:
  13. I'm in MD, also. I already don't like snow (I'll be an LA girl forever), but I doubly don't like it because it keeps coming on the friggin' weekend! Doesn't Mother Nature know I have plans?!
  14. I wish it would snow here in western MA! It's been a pretty dry winter thus far.
  15. i'm in md too, but people have been telling me we're suppose to get 2 feet of snow, not just 6-12 inches. so i don't really know what to believe but i'll be stopping by the store tomorrow to pick up milk lol. other than that, there's nothing else i'll do to "prepare."