Snow peas, Okra and Brussel sprouts.

  1. Those are my favourite vegetables. what are yours ? :love:
  2. My favs are: Fried Okra, Red Peppers, Squash.
    Hey Prada ever have Fried Okra? I would eat that over a slice of cake anyway! You know the kind breaded with Cornmeal! OH YEAH!
  3. i looooooove broccoli and spinach.........and raw carrots yummmmmm :P
  4. I love everything BUT spinach and onions
  5. Love everything except mustard greens and brussel sprouts. Mmmmn this discussion makes me excited to cook tonight~! :P
  6. :lol:

    I Like it sauteed with onions (guess thats the same right ?)
  7. Oh no..totally different. You take the okra cut it up in small pieces...salt and pepper. Add a beaten egg mix then add some cornmeal until its all coated. Then you heat a skillet with some oil and pan fry it until its golden brown. By now you have probably negated any vegetable health benefits but damn it taste sooo good!
  8. umm i love ofra just steam with soy sauce or cucumber and italian dressing.......yummm
  9. OH !! I guess the reason why I hadn't had it is, because I cannot have eggs (allergic ) :sick:
  10. I read some where that Broccoli is a Aphrodisiac :shame: :love:
  11. i am a major, major fan of veggies! i love practically everything!

    i love eating steamed snow peas by itself. i love raw broccoli with ranch. carrots are delicious summer snacks (but I hate them sliced in salads). spinach salad.

    omg, yummy!!
  12. spinach, broccoli, brussel sprouts, and I love love love LOVE turnip!
  13. Anything but brussel sprouts or cauliflower (blech!) But I love mixed greens, green beans, red peppers, asparagus, and broccoli
  14. Brocolli is my fav. I love potatoes, carrots, spinach, cauliflower, artichoke, bean sprouts, almost everything...I don't like beans, brussel sprouts, or asparagus.
  15. I despise mushrooms and beans. I love spinach, broccoli, carrots and string beans.