Snow outfits

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  1. Sometimes I think it is difficult to be stylish on the mountains when you are trying not to freeze your butt off!
    What do you gals wear when skiing/snowboarding?!
  2. Oohh....great question. DH and I are looking at ski clothes for an upcoming ski trip, so I am anxious to hear what others recommend too!
  3. I love The North Face, all of my snowboarding stuff is from North Face. It's pretty much impossible to look trendy while you're up on the mountains. ;)
  4. Same here! I always thought the snow pants made my ass look way too big. And I bet it's true lol. It almost made me want to try snowboarding in my TNA or Lulu pants, but I got my brain back soon enough. :lol:

    Well today was another fun and bruise-filled day on Whistler. I wore my white North Face outfit (yes I have different colour outfits :upsidedown:), with a Vince turtleneck, Chanel sunnies, and my Tiffany drop earrings... the earrings admittedly were my mistake, but I wanted to add a feminine touch to a rather bulky layered outfit. Maybe I will have better luck with hoops next time. I didn't break out my Dior boots as today was a hardcore private lesson with my hot English instructor ;), and I headed back to our suite late (I have a sore body and butt to prove it). My progress so far? I can link turns!! :tup:
  5. I went snowboarding for fun :tup:

    I don't recommend any type of earrings except for studs though. I am very serious when it comes to snowboarding. ;) I wear my Tiffany diamond studs whenever I am doing something active, studying, etc.
  6. I 2nd Northface.

    Ooooo I love skiing :yahoo:
  7. i"m on my holls now..i just going meet my friends now and tommorow we going hit to the hills..i can"t wait for my snowboard..
  8. Burton! :tup: They have awesome layering/fleeces, gloves, jackets, snowboarding pants, and other apparel.

    My boyfriend is a snowboarder and he wears his Burton gear even when he isn't on the mountains. ( I like the look. :heart:)
  9. North Face makes some pretty coordinated jackets. My ski outfit includes North Face thermo, fleece, and thin jacket, and ski pants. When I'm off the slopes, I wear my MJ snow boots instead of ski boots.
  10. I have Burton stuff. I have these crazy pink striped pants, a white jacket, and pink goggles. I figure it's the only time when I can get away with a pink and white outfit, plus I love bright ski clothes. They also have a 20k waterproof rating so they're functional as well, because it sucks to look cute but have a wet butt :biggrin:
  11. North face:tup:
  12. Ok, she's admittedly over-the-top, but Mariah Carey has been photographed in Aspen with some pretty awesome cold weather outfits! Sports friendly? Mmmm, not so much!
  13. I just spent a month figuring out what to wear for our upcoming trip to Colorado and I finally picked this outfit from Bonfire it has matching green pants..I ski but this is a snowboard outfit..I thought the snowboarding stuff was so much cuter. Hope this helps
  14. Moncler! Made for the snow. There are these little thingies in the sleeves preventing snowing from getting in.
  15. I'm a Burton girl too! Started out snowboarding and now ski, but I still wear my Burton snowboarding clothes.