Snow in Miami!

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  1. Ok, maybe not but this morning it was 40 degress and tonight it's going to be in the 30's!! :sad2:
  2. I feel with you!! We had 25cm new snow this week!
  3. It's still snowing like crazy here in NYC!!! Snowed-in at the moment!!
  4. Yeah, the airports in NY are closed!
  5. My mom called me to tell me about how cold it is (keep in mind that my mom thinks under 70 is more than cold enough for a jacket). So they have the heat cranked way up and my mom said she got our her winter coats... Yikes!!!
  6. lol - all wknd it has been in the teens and 20's here.

    Out in LA it has been in the 80's and now in Fl it is freezing???

    I am not one to scream "global warming"; but something is happening, any Biologists care to take a crack at an explanation?
  7. Well try going to school in the "snowbelt" of Pa. I go to shool in the most northern of Pa ( 2 hrs. from pittsburgh)...the school is right near lake erie...think lae effect :sad: People think I am kidding but we have 3 feet at the's funny, I toss feet around like everyone else tosses inches around. Pittsburgh soooooo isn'tlike this..:sad: Howver, good excuse to use my new burerry earmuffs:smile:
  8. It's cold here in Orlando. We never turn our heater on, but we did last night. Brrrrr! I don't have any cute sweaters to wear, either :P
  9. its way effin cold down here! not good for the oranges. I am glad I'm not in Orlando tonight, the beach keeps us a few degrees more temperate.
    I don't remember it being this cold in some time though. our low is 34.
  10. was close to 85 here today. I want winter!!!! :sad:
  11. I really can't be sympathetic! haha..I'm up in Canada! Its going to be -25 celsius next weekend! Gah! I am going to freeze my derriere off! =(
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