Snow, Heels, Stairs & Louis

Nov 6, 2013
West Chazy, NY
Snow + Heels + Stairs don't mix.

So I was carrying my down comforter to my car this morning (so I could get it dry cleaned) We got a bit of snow this morning in NY..let's just say me, fresh snow, heels, down comforter and Louis Vuitton Alma MM in Noir.. all went down together. I knew I scraped my leg but immediately went to check my bag first. I BABY my bags..wipe them down every few wks, etc. So I look...and there is a crease along bottom and scratching along the Epi leather on one side of the bag. I am just so so so heartbroken. [emoji174] It bothered me all day. Poor Lil Louis. Just wiped it down last night. She was so pretty..[emoji20]

I emailed me SA and am unpatiently waiting her response. I don't have a store nearby or would have went already. I wonder if I can can the entire side of the epi replaced? The crease is the worse..but that's just a small part around bottom.

Any advice? I'm just so heartbroken I did that!! I am OBSESSED WITH this bag!

PS: Huge scrape and blood on shin but who cares. I will heal..can Louis!?
Pics to follow


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Havanese 28

May 4, 2014
Wheeling, WV
Oh no. I am so sorry about your beautiful bag. I think most of us on here would be upset about this, so how you're feeling is perfectly " normal". The most important thing is you're only scraped up, and most likely sore. You could've suffered broken bones! Hopefully you'll hear from your SA soon and find out how you can repair your bag. Take it easy tonight. Remember, it could always be worse.


Apr 11, 2015
I'm sorry to hear about your fall. :sad: Maybe your Alma cushioned your arm and got the dent? What's important is you're okay! Hopefully your Alma can be repaired soon. :flowers:


Bear Cam Enthusiast
Oct 21, 2014
Thank goodness you are ok!!! I'm very sorry about your Alma. If LV can't help or doesn't have any recommendations, maybe take a fine paint brush with some black shoe polish and gently touch up the worst spots? Probably would not be noticeable to anyone but you.. I'm not sure about the crease, through. Good luck!

Miss Krys

Jun 14, 2014
Edmonton, Canada
I'm sorry to hear about your fall but what's most important is that you're ok and still have the privilege of worrying about your bag. The Alma undoubtably took a hit for you and although the creasing is noticeable it doesn't look as bad as it could it be. A thorough polish will help to reduce the scuffing and a bit of black shoe polish will help soothe the bruises and scrapes until you can hear back from your SA. Even if, for whatever reason, they can't repair the base then at least it's a dent that you can be proud about...a war wound if you will, received in the line of duty.
Nov 6, 2013
West Chazy, NY
Thanks guys. I am thankful I didn't do any real damage to myself..just so darn upset I damaged one of my favorite bags I am so careful with. No matter the cost I will get it fixed, as long as it can be repaired of course. I looked on the site to see if I HAD to repurchase if it can't be fixed...I don't even see the bag in Epi MM available anymore for purchase. 😕


May 11, 2014
glad you are ok, i just slipped and fell without a bag but broke my shoulder
thankfully you were really lucky
about the bag; i had asked about replacing the leather base on a vernis alma bb and my SA said it's possible soI'm sure with the epi the same applies


Jul 23, 2008
Ohhhh that's awful what happened to you but glad that you didn't break anything or WORSE!! You'll get it figured out with your alma and if you leave it alone, it'll be a reminder (and eventually laugh) that it could have been much more serious.