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  1. I just saw that she got a Snow Globe :love: ! It's sooooo cute! She even did a little video of it on her site, KarenKooper. I wonder how much it'll go for though ? :confused1:
  2. I didn't know she was selling it. I could ask her, if you really want to know.
  3. Could you ? Post it & let us know :yes: You're the very best :love:
  4. Done : )

    I will post yay or nay when I get her reply. Karen is such a sweetie, I love her.
  5. There was one on eBay earlier in the week...650, I think.
  6. Ooh the snowglobe is absolutely gorgeous!! :biggrin:
  7. Update! She has an extra one that she will be selling, but she has not figured out how much she should price it for as of yet. I totally understand since it is a limited and very rare piece.
  8. yea she wants 700 USD. it only cost 200 euros at the france store.
  9. love it .. hope u get it =)
  10. $251.81 to be exact.
  11. Yes but it's only at the Champs Elysees store and it's a limited edition. Jill is going to paris maybe she can buy the globe in bulk :nuts:
  12. that sounds like a good idea MiroirPrincess ;)
  13. Jill PM me! LOL :P
  14. ^ ME TOO:P
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