Snow Globe MIA

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  1. I am really disappointed. My LV Snow Globe has not arrived yet. I am hoping the seller can get DHL to figure out what happened to it. I am giving her until Friday and then I am going to file an item not received complaint with PayPal. I was really looking forward to adding the globe to my curio cabinet.:sad:

    Do you think 1 month is long enough for something to get to the US from Germany?
  2. Last time I bought something from Germany, I got it in three days!!! Def. look into it!!!:cursing:
  3. So sorry! I think 1 month is enough to ship four globes from Europe to the US.
  4. OMG! One month is three weeks too long to receive something overseas. I hope it all works out!
  5. Oh should contact seller paypal and your CC company.
  6. So sorry, but 1 month is definitely too long a time. From asia pacific, even on regular air mail, it should only take up to 14 business days for items to arrive (not counting customs). But in all the 30 packages or more that I've sent to Europe and US, not more than 3 weeks. Have you contacted the seller? Did he/she send it on signature confirmation and tracking?
  7. I would definitely contact the seller. One month is waaaay too long!
  8. Definitely look into it. Although, if the seller sent it thru DHL, maybe that's the problem? My aunt sent me something from switzerland using DHL and it took foreveeerrrr. Hope you get it soon though!
  9. DHL really sucks. I lost a package from Germany once from them (although I sooo hope this doesn't happen to you)

    When I asked them, they said it might've simply fallen 'off the truck'. I was soo pised but it wasn't expensive what I got and the seller refunded me my money immediately.

    *crossin fingers* for you :flowers:
  10. One month? File a paypal complaint! I don't understand how is it possible with DHL. Do you have a tracking number?
  11. Definetly start filing a claim only have 45 days to file one with paypal!
  12. I received a package from Paris and it took 5 days. I had to sign for it. Did your seller send it via regular airmail? by boat?
  13. Contact the seller immediately!! My cousin sent me magazines from Hong Kong via surface mail and it didn't even take a month!
  14. No that´s way too long! Get the tracking code from the seller and see where the package is.
  15. I think you should contact the seller first and give him the chance to check with DHL. I'm sure the seller will help you find your package.

    I know it can take quite long to ship from Germany to the US and since it's the holiday season, it make even take a little longer.