Snow Day!!!

  1. So who in the Mid West has a snow day today? I am still in Florida, but Columbus, OH is pretty much shutting down after 1 PM. In the past 25 years they have only had 2 snow days, and today makes number 3! The city and state officials are closing all buildings/offices.

    How is it where you are?? Drive safely everyone!!

    And if you have the day off, ENJOY :nuts:
  2. No snow days, much to the boys!

    But we do thankfully have a break in the rain now, it might be just a bit, but I am glad!
  3. HATE this snow...I had a dinner in Philly tonight that is not lookin too good now...sniff..However..My dogs are LOVING the snow!!!!(Its Ripleys first Bday today too....LOL!Hes loving the snow!)
  4. We get out early today, 4:30 instead of 6:30 or 7. The doctors are cancelling their appointments for tonight and tomorrow evening. So I am a happy girl.
  5. Yes, my husband and son and I are all OFF for a snow day (everyone's school was closed)!! It's cold though here in Chicago, and driving is bad. We are just about to have a delicious pasta lunch......mmmmmm

  6. i'm in columbus too. i didn't go to school this morning but they ended up cancelling osu and columbus state cc after 1 pm. its sleeting right now.
  7. Duh....people in the Northeast are so blase about snow. They just bring out the snowplows. (In my county everybody who is anybody does not own a Lexus or a BMW. They own a snowplow)
  8. I'm in Indy, 6 inches of snow so far today with freezing rain since 6 am. The windows on my house look frosted with a sheet of ice frozen on them. Supposed to continue until late evening. An additional 3-5 inches expected. People have been ordered off the roads & everything is closed down. This is the worst winter storm I've ever experienced here :s
  9. ^^^YUK !!!:yucky: And THAT'S why I moved to Fl from NY !!!:p

    Stay safe !
  10. I'm jealous! It's snowing in Philly, but it's still going to be a full work day for me *and* my classes are still on tonight. No fair! I hate driving in the snow & ice.

    Jill: That little stinker's made it to a year already!? Happy birthday to the little furball. I think you should give him one of your leather boots to celebrate.
  11. Wow, you guys sure are getting loads of snow! I'm jealous - we had one day last week and I'm feeling ripped off! Natch, growing up in Australia we didn't get snow in the cities, so I thought being here in Holland we'd have a nice, white winter. *shakes fist* darn you Mr Snow!!!!!

    Take care out there on the roads Ladies (and Gents) :flowers:
  12. lol- snow day here. Argghh- my gym was closed so I shoveled snow instead while my kiddo buried treasure in the snow. We only have about 3 inches though.
  13. it's actually warming up a tiny bit here... we have not had much snow here at all this year.
  14. ALL of Columbus is shut down......EXCEPT for where I work!!!!

    "RPAC, we will remain open until midnight, how can I help you?"....about 1,000 times since 1:00!! Oh man, it's gonna be a long shift until Midnight!

    We are averaging 100 calls every half hour.

    Hope everyone is staying safe, not coming to work out at the RPAC, and enjoying no classes! Whoo hoo, first snow day at OSU in forever.
  15. You work at the RPAC?? :nuts: Hilarious! I know that area VERY well

    Ohio State had a snow day 4 years ago... and before that not for 20 years or something.

    I am just hoping it all clears up for tomorrow.. so my plane can land and I can enjoy V-day with Vlad!