snow day...trying to stay out of trouble shopping online...

  1. who could ask for anything better than a snow day on a friday?!?!? now, i have to stay out of trouble shopping online...
  2. Right there with you! So want that Heritage coin wristlet thing on the Japanese website...
  3. i am trying to figure out a style number for the watercolor/scribble bag...
  4. I want keychain and a charm for my bag!
  5. We are having a snow day, too, so I'm right there with you. Online shopping, I think, is even more dangerous than visiting a store! Can't wait to hear if anyone buys anything!
  6. I love putting the most ridiculous amount of stuff in my shopping bags...and just never checking out!
  7. :lol::lol: I do the same thing! It's like window shopping! I'm having a snow day also here in PA, but no shopping for me! Online or otherwise.:crybaby:

  8. I'm in NJ too! Snow day is GREAT!! ENJOY!!

    As for that style number, I was told at the store last weekend that they are not available to order at the moment, and so they cannot find the style number for it. I had inquired about a separate Scribble bag, and they told me none..that it's the combined watercolor/scribble.
  9. I hear ya! We're also having a snow day here. I'm trying soooo hard just to look and not buy! ;)
  10. YAY snow day for me here too!

    I'm just looking though :smile:
  11. I am right outside Philly! Your DH isn't going to Texas to hunt is he? It is still flurrying slightly.
  12. No, on his way to the helicopter expedition! His flight is still delayed. It has stopped here now, finally! Enough already, I want to break out the spring bags!
    I hope to hit KOP on Sunday to shop alone!:yahoo:
  13. Snowing here in MA, too. I was planning to outlet shop today but decided the driving might be bad so decided to not chance it. I so hate it when it snows on my day off.