Snow Boots Question

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  1. I just moved to Chicago and would like to know where I can find snow boots for myself and DH. I don't want to get online. What stores carry them? Thanks!:P
  2. let me move this to our shoe forum for you . . .
  3. You can always go to Michigan Ave. They have many stores there like Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, etc. :smile:
  4. Are there outdoor stores there, like REI or North Face?
  5. Thanks!
  6. Sorel is also a great brand for boots!
    They have womens, mens and kids:yahoo:
  7. Last time I was in Chicago, there was a hugee North Face store on Michigan Ave, so I assume it's still there. I would definitely check there because their boots are warm and great for the snow!
  8. These aren't exactly snow boots, but I have been wearing my Hunter Wellies with the Fleece Inserts in the snow and they work wonderfully. We have had 46" of snow in the last two months here in VA (we normally don't get hardly any!) and I have been wearing my wellies nonstop. With the fleece liner they are very warm and they are completely waterproof. They're also versatile because you can take out the fleece liner, and they are really easy to get on and off if you switch to regular shoes once you get somewhere. I have dark green and I want to get the grey high gloss ones soon.
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    Hanig's a local retailer that has great CS and carries a lot of mid-range shoes. I used to pop into the one in my old neighborhood and they always carried a lot of boots during the fall and winter seasons. There are several locations in the city.
  10. I havent had much luck finding snow boots. Thanks all.