SNOW and Sleet Ruined my Valentine's

  1. Today was supposed to be a special day where me and my hubby were supposed to go to a nice restaurant in New York for v-day, but the snow and sleet was to bad... Its almost impossible to drive.. And I picked out my azur speedy and heart purse to go out today.. To bad for the snow..:crybaby:
  2. Awe! I am so sorry to hear that.
  3. Well, you can stay at home and snuggle instead! Order in!
  4. lol ya.. that would be nice... i just might cook.. lol;)
  5. I know what you mean....what a yucky day! :sad:
  6. Same kind of weather here. Don't worry, spring is around the corner!
  7. This may better belong in the GD forum. :yes:
  8. I actually went out last night for Valentines..only night I could get a it worked out.Although it was icing up as I returned home..Im stuck in today too..roads are too bad to venture out.....Make the best of it!!Snuggle day is always a good way!!
  9. I'm sorry, its sounds like most of the midwest and northeast are kinda grounded today.

    Mother Nature is obviously spending Valentines Day alone. Misery loves company I guess!
  10. Sorry to hear that you guys can't go out. Please be careful if you do, my bf's brother got into an accident this morning on his way to work (he wasn't hurt, but the car isn't driveable anymore). The roads are still slippery.
  11. we're in the same boat...was supposed to have dinner with my boyfriend around where he lives in NJ and we can't because of the nasty weather. Have to push it up to least it's a 3 day weekend :yahoo:
  12. Oh that sucks! I know the weather over there is horrible! My grandpa called and said he couldn't go out, and that he was bored being home!
  13. Same here, we're postponing Valentine's Day to tomorrow night... youre not alone, hate this weather
  14. aww, no way to take the subway? either way I'm sure you two will find a way to make it special!
  15. Sorry to hear that...celebrate another day...DH and I do that a lot, especially when the day falls in the middle of the week.