Snotty SA Witch in AC LV!

  1. I will not go back to Atlantic City LV. My first experience there was terrible, I gave it a few more chances, made some purchases and now my last experience there was a terrible one. We were in the area yesterday, I drug the DH and my son to the pier to shop. I was all ready to make a few purchases and left empty handed, never to go there again. I was carrying my Mono Speedy 30 with MC Heart hanging from the front so it wasn't like I wasn't advertising that I was a potential customer, we walked over to the new Vernis bags where I told my DH that I wanted to buy one of those today, asking which one he thought I should get. I walked around the accessories case where the witch approached and barked, did you need something back behind this case? I was a little thrown by the tone and feeling like I was someplace that I did not belong (their cases are set all over the store so you can walk around them). I said that I did not but I'd let her know. She walked away and went back to acting like she was doing something, giving us this terrible stare. I walked over to the Mirage Speedy in the case and looked at it (first tiem seeing one IRL). I asked to see it and she acted like I was asking her to kiss my feet, huffing, pulling it out of the case and not letting me touch it, holding it back against her like I was going to run away with it. She asked if I was on the list for it and when I said no, she put it back int he case. I asked if it was reserved and she said no. So I was puzzled, made a comment to my DH, "do you think it's worth the 1800.? She walked away!!!! All I needed was an ok from him and I would have told her to box it up. I walked away figuring I'd look some more before asking her to get it back out for me to take home. We looked some more when I had a question, my DH had to go get her, when I asked if they had a Alize 24 Heuers (the other item I would have gone home with) she told me they did but no longer do. Then added that I didn't want it anyway, it's heavy and bulky and not a good bag for much of anything.....WHAT? My turn to just walk away before I opened my mouth to ask her WTF her problem was. We got to the accessories, I pointed out a few more things (bandeau, inclusion speedy keychain and brown pastilles keychain) that I was going to buy and then we just stood there. Waiting, waiting, asked the security guard if anyone else was there to help, he shook his head no, looked at her, she walked away and then I had had it and we walked out. What the heck? I was po'd, DH wanted to go back in and say somethign to her but we left. I called 866 vuitton today and complained big time. I had gone in to buy a new Vernis bag, would have grabbed the Mirage Speedy, 3 accessories and my Dh wanted a messenger bag....would have made her month considering that the store was empty when we got in and remained that way until we left. If you have a choice, don't buy a thing from the AC LV!!!:tdown::cursing:
  2. Oh dear, thats terrible~! Well you nor anyone else for that matter should have to put up with that kind of service, take your business elsewhere! >=3
  3. aw sorry to hear that :sad:
  4. Double post. Sorry.
  5. Wow! Sorry to hear about that. My experiences there have always been positive. LV and Gucci are always nice to me, even if I'm carrying a different designer bag or buy nothing.
  6. How horrible you and your DH were treated this way!!! The store manager should be notified of this snotty SA's unacceptable behavior! That SA was particularly rude. You're right to take your business some place else!
  7. Sorry you had to experience that. There are TONS of thoses SAs here in Montreal, not impressed by them at all. They think they are better than you because the work there. I must mention that the SA with the first name starting with V is just wonderful, she is the only reason why I would return back there.
  8. That really sucks. I rarely buy LV in the states because of the attitudes I freqeuntly encounter. Perhaps I can suggest KOP - I have never visited that store.
  9. When I read stuff like this, I always wonder why the person didn't find a manager and raise absolute hell. :confused1: And I keep hoping it will happen to me so I can. I'm rather argumentative, hehe.

    Nonetheless, ugh. That sucks.
  10. So sorry to hear this! That really shouldn't happen ever! They should treat everyone like a potential customer. You never know who is going to buy! Her loss and she didn't deserve your sale anyway!
  11. Wow! She must of had some nerve! I've never experienced such a rude SA... I hope I don't... most of the LV SA's where I go to shop are pretty decent... the women are a bit rude not so much the men, they seem to be a lot nicer so I usually just deal with them...

    Its good that you called and complained thats not right at all!
  12. WOW- it's hard to believe such a new store is already amassing such a terrible reputation!
  13. Hey, Im from philly too! I have had weird experiences in that LV, they arent that helpfull. This week I met the best Sa , I wanted in the store and he started pulling bags for me to see and just wanted to talk LV, not looking for a sale. His name is Ken, he is the manager at Garden state plaza store. I am going to give him some buisness, he was awesome,you should call him up and he can ship w/e you want.
  14. I'm sorry to hear about your experience and at a boutique of all places! I'm glad to hear you called to complain about her. A lot of people just don't bother and SAs like her keep treating people the same.
  15. :sad: i know how you feel...!!!
    when i was at gucci...this B!@#$ had "the talking tone" then sighed...shook her head and ROLLED HER EYES AT ME!

    i dont know why...but...a lot of people...starting from me...when i'm at the boutique...with a server being an face goes red...i get too angry...!!! but can't seem to say or act anything back!!!...why is that?:push:

    then i walk out of the store...feeling like "i got smashed by a lady serving me" and i want to SLAP HER...but couldn't do anything...then i went home...with that lady's face popping up in my head every the next week i went back...and shes not there...! So i ask for the manager...shes not there i complain to one of the other ladies serving...then she just gives me the obvious answer..."im so sorry! i'll tell my manager about that"

    :s i know that she didnt tell the manager about my story...

    So to all of us that experience this!!! lets tell off who ever served you like that...then ask for the manager...and we should talk face to face with the manager...rather than...another lady serving telling us that "she'll tell her manager about this"

    i dont know why i cant say anything when im in store... :S i just freeze up!