Snooty Sa!!!

  1. I bought my first LV (damier Speedy) a couple of weeks ago. Im soooo in love at the mo but I was NOT happy with the service I got in the store.

    Firstly I decided to buy it on a Friday evening as I knew the store opened till 8pm so I could go home from work first and then go (its like a 3 min walk). My Fiance was working a little later then usual (and walks right by on his way home) so I told him I would meet him outside the store at like 7pm so he could then walk me home. My Fiance is a manual worker (makes and fits windows) so while his overalls were a little dirty/gruby he was not filthy!
    So in we go to LV and the guy behind the counter nearly has a stoke when we walk in....... he looks my DF up and down about a million times and eventually (like after us standing there for like 5mins, and we were the ONLY customers) comes over to ask if im ok....I ask to look at a few diff bags (he was shocked to see I knew what I was talking about with all the diff names etc) So I pick up a speedy and take like 3 steps to my left to get a view in the mirror and he comes running out from behind the counter......which implied to me that he thought I was going to run out of the store with it!!!!
    So eventually I decide on my speedy and say, 'I'll take it'' he goes ''Oh really?''!!!!!!!
    So he goes to the till and rings it up and he says €445, he didnt even say please. So I hand over €450 in cash and he looks at it like he has never seen currency in his life and goes ''Oh, Cash!!!''. I'm like, yea, is that ok??? And he just huffs and puffs off!!!!!

    I was fuming at this point and my DF whispers to me, Aoibheann, tell him to shove that bag where the sun dont shine and we will get it for you somewhere else!!!! Unfortunatley that is the one and only LV store in my lil old country and while we do travel to the UK on a reg basis for football matches etc I really wanted it there and then and wanted to be able to return it easily enough if anything went wrong!

    Sorry for my long rant but it really did ruin my first purchacing experience!!!! I did not like the way SA looked down on my DF when Im almost positive DF earns twice if not three times more then the SA!!!
    Am I the only one who has been treated like this!

    2 Q's (for anyone who hasnt fallen asleep yet reading :love:)

    should my speedy have come in a box instead of just the dust bag and should my receipt have come in a nice little LV card or something instead of it just being shoved in my hand with my €5 change????
  2. Yikes I am appalled that you were treated this way! It makes me mad when I read about this...hopefully next time (if you go back!) there will be a better SA to treat you and your DH as you deserve.

    As for the two questions, I've never gotten a box before, and I've purchased five bags so far. I'm not sure how they decide who they give a box.
    Secondly, I only have gotten a receipt in a card twice...the other times it was just put in the bag by itself.

    I really hope you just enjoy the bag. Maybe call and complain to the store manager.

    Congrats on your first LV!!!
  3. I am truly sorry to hear this and emphatize with you. This makes me so angry!

    I have had my fair share of arrogant SAs but to look your DF up and down is totally wrong! The attitude is totally off and shows off his lack of customer service training.

    I would file a complaint about this particular SA with the manager of the store if I were you.

    Hopefully your brand new pretty speedy makes your day better. :flowers:
  4. omg i am discusted and so sorry for you i understand how you feel a similar thing has happened to me before.
    tradeies(manual workers) earn so much more money than people in retail and its always been my experience that ppl who look as though they dont have much money always have the most and its stupid to judge on appearences.
    i have always gotten my receipt in a lovely lv envelope never in my hand and some bags dont always get a box i dont know if speedys do coz i dont have one.
    if i were you i would have complained. im so sorry for you, not all sa's are like that.
  5. After reading how many people don't get boxes, I always ask for a box when I tell them I will take the bag. And I think only once or twice did they put my receipt in a card. They usually just either hand it to me or ask if I want it in the bag.
  6. Sorry about your bad experience maybe next time you could go to another sa. Don't let this rude person ruin your first experience. As for the boxes, when I decide I want that item I tell the sa "I will take this item and please gift wrap it for me in a gift box". This will ensure a gift box without any awkwardness plus it shows you are in charge not a paid sales associate.
  7. That's sad. Even in Coach outlets your receipt is in a little card.
  8. Great choice on your first purchase!
    So sorry it was not a pleasant experience.
    I've only been handed a receipt, but that could be because, so far, I've only shopped in a department store that has an LV boutique in it ... and no box either.
  9. I am fuming. I had to walk away from the computer after reading the OP 's story and cool off a bit before responding. I guess its like the last straw, I have simply read so many postings lately where either the LV service has been poor or the LV product is defective, so many postings! I am so sorry this happened on your first LV purchase. To answer your 2 questions, yes you should have received a gift box. Sometimes the SAs do not provide a box if they realize the bag is for the purchaser and not a gift; however, the SA is supposed to always ask the customer. There have been a couple times only where I have not gotten a box and it was because they were out of the larger boxes for what I was buying. I can assure you they had boxes for the speedy bags though when you were there to buy your Damier speedy for that is a very common size box. Let me ask, did the SA place your speedy bag folded in a dust cover or opened up in a larger dust cover? In the future ask the SA for a large sleeper when you buy a speedy so that you do not have to collapse and fold the speedy to fit inside a smaller dust cover. You can take your receipt back to the store and request a box from the manager or the original SA who waited on you and they will provide you one. As far as the envelope. Sometimes they place the receipt in an envelope, sometimes in a special card, and sometimes just inside the shopping bag, so they do not seem to be consistant in my local store with the manner they provide the receipt to the customer. Most SAs when they realize it is the customer's first LV purchase, go all out and provide excellent service and extend box, ribbon and watever else they have. From how you have described this SA that waited on you, he probably would not have acted any different then he did if he had known it was your first LV purchase. I just feel so bad that your first purchase was not as special as it should have been and I am deeply sorry that the SA was so disrespectful to you and your boyfriend. Your boyfriend had the right idea though, to want to go somewhere else!!! I hope your bag is everything you hoped it would be and more. enjoy!
  10. I purchased a bag this week-end (not from the store I regularly shop in) so I made sure I told the SA to stuff the bag and put it in a box. I also had to ask her to put the receipt in on of the postcard type enveloped. This is something my regular SA always does. I would go back and ask for the box and the postcard type spent good money on your bag.
    That kind of disrespect is uncalled for
  11. Thats just messed.... I remember when I took my boyfriend for the first time to LV the SA's looked down on him because he looks like a gangsta.... But I really don't care what these sales associates think because we are the customers afterall.
  12. so sorry for the bad experience...:heart::heart: the SA should be report to the manager.....

    congrat on the bag:tup:
  13. sorry you had such a bad experience. i would call the manager to complain. the SA's name should be on the receipt.

    some stores give you a box without asking. but it seems that more often than not, you need to ask for one.

    and receipts, in my experience, come in either cards or envelopes.

    i'm starting to notice that these bad experience stores mostly involve speedies. why the hell do SAs think that because you're buying a speedy you don't "deserve" to breathe the same air as them. its like they think you're some kind of phony who wants to pretend you're rich. don't they know that even the most VIC of customers have speedies too? ugh. that's my rant for today. lol
  14. This is why I have never visited an LV boutique and will never visit one. I am so disgusted and appalled by the SA stories, that I don't even want to chance giving one of these people a commission.
  15. Oh, bummer experience for your first time. Rest assured not all SA's are like that. The Damier Speedy is a great bag! Congrats!

    Most of my SA's don't offer me a box unless it is for a LE. If I need the box to cut out for extra support on some of my bags, then I will ask for one. And I always ask to keep the tissue stuffings. All I really need/want is the appropriate sized dust bag.
    I agree with beljwl, only once or twice did they put my receipt in a card. They usually just either hand it to me or ask if I want it in the bag.