Snoop Dogg's Father Hood :) Anyone else!!

  1. I have been a snoop found since way back when i was in 4th grade i remember rockin out to Who am I back in the day:
    It's the bow to the wow, creepin and crawlin,Yiggy yes y'allin, snoop doggy dogg in
    The motherf*&*in house like everyday,Droppin **** with my ni**a mr dr. dre
    Like i said, ni**az can't f*&k with this,And ni**az can't f&^k with that, Sh*t that i drop cuz ya know it don't stop,Mr. one eight seven on a motherf$#n cop,SNoop Doggy doooogggggggg

    :smile: haha sorry had to add a musical interlude

    either way this new show he has on E is TOO funny!!! :smile: Its another one of these family life reality shows but hes just so funny i always thought snoop was hilarious and he proves it even more on this show. First episode he has to get blood drawn and hes SUCH a wimp haha :smile:
    And his wife is totally the boss and he knows it and i love that cause everything things hes all like gangsta but hes such a family guy its adorable to watch

    Just wanted to see if anyone else has caught this one :smile: AND even the theme song for the show is hot!
    The lyrics to the show theme song which i think is hot !

    this aint the huxtables, but we livin' comfortable,
    and i dont make my kids eat they vegtables .
    The love of my life, my wife Shante,
    Ball till she falls, Shes the boss lady
    My little daughter Cori thats another story,
    I call her Choc cause she calls the shots
    My baby boy Cordell we call him Rook cause he love lizards and money, boy he off the hook
    Holdin' front, He's the coldest one, Big Spank, Quarterback, That's my oldest son
    Is we hollywood? Yea we prolly should
    E! Channel Big snoopdoggs fatherhood

  2. i just saw the clip when they went to get soccer lessons from david beckham. LOL. his kids are so normal, and like normal kids, are embarrassed by their dad from time to time. they looked so mortified when he was dancing around on the field. hahahaaa.
  3. I saw the first episode the other day, and I thought it was OK. Always been a fan Snoop!
  4. I've always loved snoop too. I just saw a little of the first episode & was a little disappointed. I'll have to catch it again. I always thought he was kind of sexy (his voice).
  5. the second episode with the chicken and david beckham had me laughing out loud
  6. The wife is hysterical!
  7. I want some Roscoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. That sums up my initial reaction.

    I'll give it a fair chance, though, they are just getting cranked up, and there is so much potential there, and I have the feeling that there will be a huge chunk of mainstream demographic who will like the show a lot.

    In the tradition of Run's House, I think both shows have the potential in terms of educating some population sectors, give some people who have maybe lived in a very homogeneous sort of cultural environment a different perspective on what I guess for the sake of convenience we can call "hip hop," sort of gently point out that it has now become a somewhat venerable genre, make it a little more accessible, show a new side of Snoop, in the same way Run's House shows a new side of Run... [​IMG]
  9. I saw the first episode, it was entertaining, missed the second but I'll watch it if its on. I feel bad for their poor housekeeper. I thought it was funny that Snoop found "peace" in vacuuming!
  10. It seems staged to me, especially after the acupunture(sp?) session he said something like," Why did yall have me go to this when you know I'm afraid to needles?" So exactly who is the "yall" referring too?
  11. ^^^ His doctor. She suggested Eastern Medicine, and I think Snoop just didn't realize that "Eastern Medicine" is not a synonym for "needle-free."
  12. I love this show! I stayed up watching this on Comcast on demand yesterday night and it's addictive. My favorite episode was the David Beckham one. It's so charming how much Snoop loves his chicken.
  13. He's so high in the show.. :roflmfao:
  14. The show seems so scripted.
  15. all reality shows are partially scripted but this one is too much.....every little thing, every little situation and scenario is too "rehearsed". Let the family be themselves, let them get into problems or funny situations on their own...even the Kardishians seem more "real"...well, except for the homeless episode:rolleyes: