~ Snooki will be Snookin for Love soon on MTV ~

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  1. It will finally be announced on the last episode of Jersey Shore this season that Snooki will get her spin off dating show. I am not 100% that they are calling it Snookin for Love yet but it is the perfect title LOL!

    For all you tPF men she is looking for a "Nice Tan Gorilla Juicehead Guido who likes to party and isnt a jerk off" :lol:
  2. She's a guidette!! A nice tan umpa loompa guidette who sleeps in and likes to party

    Snickers is the gal for you! :nuts:
  3. I'm going to have to adjust the color on my TV to see this mess - a sea of orange tans!
  4. My IQ dropped ten points just by seeing that she will have her own show.
  5. Lol and you know ppl who aren't aware will believe their contrast is off on their tv :lol:
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    Last edited: Oct 5, 2010
    Oh no, I wonder if she will end up dating any other reality wash ups. Remember 12 pack? He is from New Jersey too! [​IMG]
  7. I wish she would go far far away. What does it take to have your own show these days? Apparently not much. Makes me wonder why I'm in school - I should drop out, get fake boobs, a fake tan, find a group of people that look the same and drink a lot and get famous :P
  8. ^^ No kidding, the amount of money that they get for acting like complete imbeciles absolutely disgusts me. :cursing::sick:
  9. And he must love pickles!!:nuts:
  10. :yes:
  11. If a nobody like Tila Tequila could have a show, I don't see why Snooks shouldn't. She's actually sort of amusing in a pathetically stupid way.
  12. lol!
  13. Just because they could doesn't mean they should have a show...and now one of the other losers from their group is getting his own show. Gah, it makes me ill :P
  14. I really, really should just forget about going to school for my masters! i can be a pretty funny drunk...i don't really start fights though but if they are paying me a couple of thousand per episode, i could try and start something.
  15. ^^^ Oh man, just don't get punched in the face by a "juicehead" at the bar! No amount of money is worth that.
    edit: That actually is really wrong of me to say, I know it was not her fault in any way, but just confronting a drunk a-hole can be a very stupid and bad thing to do. I should say, don't go looking for trouble!