Snooki Love/hate Thread!

  1. Jersey & pregant hmmmm. Watch MTV pick this up
  2. omg i hope not. I'm so over them, i'm ready for them to disappear:censor::smash:
  3. Meatball problems!!!
  4. Meatball baby!
  5. I see MTV doing a show documenting her pregnancy in the near future (if she is in fact pregnant)..
  6. The fact that she hasn't said anything today to deny the rumors really makes me wonder if it's true if she is waiting to announce it in a magazine!

  7. Baby meatball conception!

  8. Oh wow.... Is that her & Deena?
  9. yeh

  10. That's what I heard.
    It's believable. I mean aside from her branded stuff (which will only be popular while she stays popular) she won't have much to fall back on to keep her name out there once her 15 minutes for intoxicated hijinx is over.
  11. Oh my!
  12. I love me some Snooki but WHY is she silly enough to get pregnant when she is not in the right mindframe and situation to be having a baby?! SMH
  13. God help that little baby meatball...
  14. Does this mean she'll go away now? The entire JS cast irks.
  15. I've officially lost faith in humanity. She is in no position to bring a baby into the world. Look at her life.. heavy drinking, partying and promiscuity. Now she'll have to leave that lifestyle behind her, the question is: will she be able to?

    If she was smart, she would have waited another year or so. Now she won't get that spinoff probably since she obviously can't drink/party while pregnant. Then after a year, when she's made a bunch of money from the shows, she could get pregnant, sell the pics while she's still relevant and then quietly go away and raise her baby comfortably with the money she's earned. Bad timing if you ask me. She should've tried to make all the money she could while people still cared.

    For the sake of the baby though, i really hope her stupidity is just an act.